July 20, 2018

Ana Luisa Jewelry Review

“AnaLuisa_Ruqaiya”/Yesterday I was getting ready for a meeting and I decided to elevate my relatively simple grey outfit with my newly acquired Giselle Earrings from Ana Luisa NY and I got asked about those earrings so many times that I had to share it with you guys here. They are made with sterling silver and everything from the design to the setting of the crystals is outstanding.

So, today I decided to share some beautiful jewelry pieces from Ana Luisa NY and wait till you see the pics to admire how elegant these pieces are. I picked the Tia Large Hoop earrings which is 14K gold plated and the Giselle Earrings which are made with sterling silver! Absolutely impressed by the craftsmanship on these jewelry pieces and how stunning they look. They elevate the simplest of my outfits and the quality definitely shines through and they are quite affordable for many of us. You can also sign up using the button here and use code Ruqaiya15 to get $15 off your order.

July 17, 2018

YVES SAINT LAURENT Volupté Liquid Color Balm in No. 6 Undress Me Coral Review and Swatches

Forever a fan of YSL lip products and this one is definitely a favorite and one of those products that I reach for on a daily basis. This summer is all about the outdoors and family time, so  I look for products that are truly effortless and long wearing. This YSL Liquid Color Balm in the shade Undress me Coral is a beautiful punchy coral pink that screams summer time!!

July 9, 2018

YVES SAINT LAURENT Vinyl Couture Mascara Review and Swatches

Hi everyone,
So I bought the newly relaunched YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara, back in early spring. It was launched last year as well (correct me if I am wrong) and then pulled back from the market due to safety/health concerns. The new formula got me interested and I've always loved this packaging, so decided to give this one a shot. Its a beautiful mascara, non irritating to the eye, holds on well to lashes throughout the day and lifts and curls as expected. However, there were some new unexpected issues that I never thought I would run into. 

July 5, 2018

Dermalogica mediBac Clearing® Skin Kit Review

This four piece kit from Dermalogica is described as 'a kit for adult acne that helps treat, clear, and prevent the triggers that lead to breakouts'.  It has four essentials to cleanse and moisturize skin, namely, Clearing Skin Wash, Oil Control Lotion, Overnight Clearing Gel and Sebum Clearing Masque.
I purchased this kit from Sephora because I was sick of my frequent breakouts and wanted something that would work fast and effectively. Ever since I turned thirty, my skin is not the same. There are breakouts, pigmentation, weird dry patches and what not. It feels like everything I do or eat causes acne! I would work in the garden and there will be breakouts, working out in the gym and guess what, swollen comedones!! I am literally at the point of checking out everything in store and in my pantry to treat my skin and there was quite a bit of a learning curve in maintaining my skin's healthy pH. I will discuss all the details on that in another post, for now, lets focus on this skin clearing kit for adult breakouts from Dermalogica.
Dermalogica products come with a promise of visible results and its a brand I trust over many others, however, this kit was far from what I expected. For the good and the bad, keep on reading...

June 27, 2018

Summer Beauty Favorites ft Givenchy, YSL, La Prairie and more

Hi everyone,

Finally we are soaking in the much need summer sun which also means its time to protect our skin from environmental stressors and incorporate beauty products that work well during this hot, dry and rainy season. Well, at least for Calgary its a couple of days of hot-dry weather, followed by crazy winds, followed by what seems like torrential rains!!  :D Its everything at the same time...more like the same week. 
So I put together a slew of my favorites for this season and products I can't stop wearing because they work great for this weather. So here it goes...

May 30, 2018

L'OCCITANE Lavender Foaming Bath Review

L'occitane's body care products are my all time favorite and they are in a constant rotation all year round. My favorite is their Shea Butter products because they work beautifully for my dry skin. I love baths and you might have already seen this Lavender Foaming Bath a million times on my Instagram and that's purely because I love it so much. 
Every time I soak in with the L'occitane Lavender Foaming Bath I feel so relaxed - its creamy bubbles not just cleanse but also hydrate my skin which feels very soft after a bath. Love the heavenly lavender scent which is actually a lot better than my garden lavender or any of the essential oils I own. I always keep dried lavender flowers in my bath because of its calming effects on me and also a lavender essential oil roll-on that I rub on my wrist before bed. This is the perfect bath before bed, or just about anytime of the day when I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Working from home really does take its toll on me and its the little things like this that makes it a bit more bearable. 

May 14, 2018

GIVENCHY Couture Edition Le Rouge and Prisme Libre for Spring/Summer 2018 - Review and Swatches

Its almost summers and I am always so excited to see how my garden fills up with flowers. Its the best time of the year and I love spending time in my backyard with my family and friends. Givenchy truly captured the essence of garden blooms in this limited edition Couture Collection featuring Le Rouge in 315 Frambiose Velour and my all time favorite loose powder, Prism Libre in Shade 1. Both shades are permanent and now available for limited time in this glamorous floral printed case. I absolutely love how Givenchy beauty presents their products. The packaging is always luxurious and their limited edition cases can be reused on any of the Le Rouge lipsticks or Prism Libre loose powders. More on these beautiful products in today's blog.

March 12, 2018

Tangle Teezer Ultimate Finishing Brush and Thick and Curly Detangling Brush Review

Lets talk hair today!
I have been loving the Tangle Teezer brushes recently as they are perfect for my long hair. I regularly use the Ultimate Finishing Brush (the pink one below) on dry hair and it helps keep my hair slick and frizz free. The longer teeth gently it detangles my hair and feels amazing on scalp. This weather has made my hair very dry and I often find it hard to keep my hair looking shiny and healthy. Can't wait for this dry, cold weather to end! It has wrecked havoc on my skin and hair. Thick and Curly Detangling brush has no handle, so it fits nicely in my toiletry bag and has quickly found a permanent spot in my gym bag.
More on these wonderful brushes in today's blog.

March 7, 2018

L'OCCITANE MELTING BUTTER in Shea Butter and Wonderful Jasmine Review

These melting butters are sent from heavens!!
They nourish my winter skin like nothing I have ever used before. I love the L'occitane Intensive Hand Balm which contains 25% shea butter and I still use that everyday but the new Melting Butters are much more nourishing and they work wonderfully on hands, knees, heels and anywhere else, I want to protect and soften skin. I have seen a noticeable improvement on my cuticles and heels, which otherwise were cracked no matter what I applied or how much I exfoliated! 
I love the scent in L'occitane's Shea Butter and absolutely enjoy the new Jasmine scent. These body butters look like a whipped cream in the jar that literally melts on skin and when massaged for a little while, it absorbs completely!! 
More on this very important winter beauty essential in today's blog...

March 6, 2018

LA PRAIRIE Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation SPF 15 in Honey Beige Review and Swatches

Being a huge fan of the La Prairie Skin Caviar line, I always wanted to try this dreamy, luxurious Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation. Its one of the most coveted foundations in the beauty industry because it promises not just a beautiful full coverage, but also skin firming and anti-aging benefits of caviar extract. So, it doubles as a skincare product with sunscreen and also features a color matched concealer! So there is a lot in this jar of ultimate luxury! I got color matched to the shade Honey Beige which is the closest shade for my skin tone and I think it will look perfect once I get my summer glow. More on this in today's blog!