February 22, 2018

Travel Beauty Essentials ft. Belif Travel Kit, L'occitane, Givenchy and more

Whether I am travelling internationally or going to the gym, travel sized beauty products play a huge role in keeping me looking and feeling my best. I always pack light, with only the bare essentials in my carry-on luggage or my handbag. Today I am sharing with you my skincare, hair and makeup picks for travelling which includes my favorites in small travel friendly size.

February 16, 2018

SILK'N Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting Review

I am always excited to see the new technology in beauty and how empowering it is to be able to treat your skin at home with high quality, professional grade products that deliver results. I have been using the Silk'n Titan, from London Drugs, for almost two months and today I am ready to share my thoughts on it.
Silk'n Titan is a smoothing, tightening and lifting device that helps reduce wrinkles and lifts facial contours. It is designed to be used on face and neck and you can even go around your eyes with this device! Silk'n Titan uses a technology that "delivers energy to precise areas beneath the skin to activate your body’s natural restoration process". I was so curious to see this in action because if this device works, that means we can rejuvenate our skin and get our bodies to make the collagen and elastin for us as we age and would never have to worry about sagging or wrinkles. There is no downtime and I could apply makeup and get out of the house right after using it on my face. It sounds like the perfect solution for busy lifestyles and a little bit of treatment, literally 10-15 minutes in two weeks, could change the way my skin ages. 
I am quite happy with it, even though, there wasn't much of a drastic difference I could feel but then, I do not have deeper wrinkles and the fine lines around my eyes are not are troublesome at this point, but I could definitely use it to prevent sagging. My mom has no wrinkles but her skin is sagging. She maintains a strict no chemicals/toxin skin care routine, but looking at her, I can imagine that I may have more sagging issues than wrinkling. I have already started to notice my jaw line changing in appearance! 
More on how to use the Silk'n Titan, what to expect and what this new technology in at home beauty tools is all about, on today's blog!

February 13, 2018

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG for puffiness and dark circles - Review

Anything that reduces dark circles or help with the eye contour automatically grabs my attention. Every eye cream promises a smoother eye area and less noticeable dark circles but they don't always have their ingredients listed on the top of the bottle. The Ordinary products are named by concentration of its key ingredients and as a consumer that does not make any sense to me because I have limited knowledge about what ingredient concentration works for my skin condition and how can I incorporate those ingredients in to my skincare routine without irritating my skin or disrupting my skin's pH level. But then my social media went viral with The Ordinary products last month when they launched at Sephora Canada so I had to try something from this brand and an eye serum seemed like any easy product to use. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG has rave reviews from my favorite bloggers so I had to get it before its out of stock, like any other The Ordinary products.
The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG  promises to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and pigmentation in the eye contour. I have been using this for two weeks so I decided to share my thoughts on this with you guys today. 
The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG for puffiness and dark circles - Review

February 2, 2018

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Color Eye Shadow in Blueberry and Golden Fawn

I am so excited to share the new Make Up for Ever Artist Color Eye shadows with you today. I own the older version which was fantastic and these new ones are just as good and offer more finishes like this new glitter and shimmer finish. I love how pigmented these are and how nicely they blend - wait till you see the swatches. I picked a beautiful iridescent, glitter finish, purple shade called Blueberry and a shimmer finish shade called Golden Fawn from the new launches. They work beautifully together and are perfect for spring. The shade Blueberry is also close to the Pantone's color of the year - UltraViolet, so I am loving this a lot. I usually do not wear much color on my eyes but purple always looks great without making me look dated or too OTT. Its a lovely shade to have in my collection and I can not wait to wear this on my next vacation. 
Swatches, thoughts on Make Up For Ever Artist Color Eye Shadows on today's blog.

January 26, 2018

ELIZABETH ARDEN Eight Hour Cream - All Over Miracle Oil, Skin Protectant and Lip Repair Balm Review

Today I will share with you the iconic Eight Hour Cream collection from Elizabeth Arden. This legendary skincare line dates back to the 1930s and has been a huge success because of how well it performs. They can be used from head to toe for a variety of skin issues and I have literally healed my cuticles, heels and dryness on knees and elbows with these products. My absolute favorite is the All-Over Miracle Oil which is light enough to be used on face and basically anywhere I would like to heal, protect and lock in moisture. When my skin was healing from acne, I had noticeable dry patches on my face and this helped my skin recover.
I quickly became a fan of these products and I can't wait to share more about these cult favorite skincare products from Elizabeth Arden with you.
For review and how I use each of these, keep on reading...

ELIZABETH ARDEN Eight Hour Cream - All Over Miracle Oil, Skin Protectant and Lip Repair Balm Review

January 21, 2018

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger (Medium 2) Review and Swatches

Some products are so good, they need no introduction and I use this concealer every single day but never did a full review on it because I felt that everyone already owns one. Its the world famous, everyone's favorite concealer, the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (C$37 for 6ml). It is the best formula for covering dark circles and other blemishes on the face. I mostly use this on my under eye area to brighten up my eyes and it always looks great. I never get a powdery, flaky look that happens with some other concealers. It smooths out the undereye area and adds enough brightness to make me look well rested. Its a medium to full coverage formula that looks very natural on skin.

More on this and swatches on the shade Ginger in today's blog...

NARS Creamy Concealer

January 11, 2018

GIVENCHY TEINT COUTURE BALM Blurring Foundation Balm - Review and Swatches

First work week of 2018 had been anything but smooth for me, the sudden workload is too much and it includes too much caffeine. The stress is hard to hide and the last thing on my mind is to worry about whether my complexion looks even. I like to use foundations that provide a sheer coverage because they are easy to work with and if there are any acne marks or blemishes that need coverage, I could always use a little concealer. My complexion looks even and my skin still looks natural and effortless (literally though). 
After the holidays I just want my skin to breathe, feel and look fresh and the foundation that lets me achieve that airy, fresh, glowy look, is this medium coverage, blurring foundation from Givenchy. Its called Teint Couture Balm and will be available exclusively at Sephora.ca. Givenchy recently launched an array of foundations that cater to various beauty needs so there is something for everyone. 
For review and swatches of all 8 shades of Teint Couture Balm keep reading.

4  Nude Beige, 1 Nude Porcelain , 2 Nude Shell, 3 Nude Sand, 5 Nude Honey, 6 Nude Gold, 7 Nude Ginger, 8 Nude Amber

January 5, 2018

NEOSTRATA Acne Clear, Glycolic Renewal Body Smoothing Lotion and Smoothing Cream Review

This year started with a bunch of new skincare products in my routine and today I am sharing my day cream, acne treatment and a glycolic body lotion that have helped me achieve beautifully smooth skin. My skin is used to AHA products, but I've never used a body lotion that contains 10% glycolic acid and I seriously regret not giving the same attention to the rest of my body as my face. Winters are brutal on my skin and with these treatments, my skin looks smoother, shinier, and I have less things to worry about. The most remarkable difference is the pores! My pores look diminished and my complexion looks brighter. I am also using a wonderful sleep mask from La Prairie that is working well for the night and these are the products I am using on my skin for the day. I like to use acne treatment at night time, but it can be used day or night. 
So here is my daily skincare routine (well, sort of..wait for my mask, toner and beauty tools review - coming soon).
NEOSTRATA Acne Clear, Glycolic Renewal Body Smoothing Lotion and Smoothing Cream Review

January 2, 2018

GIVENCHY Chinese New Year Collection - Le Rouge Lipstick and Prism Libre Review and Swatches

To celebrate the Chinese New Year Givenchy came up with this gorgeous limited edition collection which features their best selling shades dressed up in a beautiful red and gold packaging. I absolutely love this collection because these are my favorite products from Givenchy and they look stunning in this packaging. It features Prism Libre and Le Rouge in 305. I am a huge fan of Givenchy lipsticks and I can't wait to share it with you. 
For review, swatches and lots of pictures keep reading! 

GIVENCHY Chinese New Year Collection - Le Rouge Lipstick and Prism Libre Review and Swatches

December 31, 2017

LA PRAIRIE Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask Review

There is nothing more luxurious in my skincare routine than the Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask from La Prairie. I have loved La Prairie products in the past, so I was very excited to use this overnight treatment and experience the magic of Skin Caviar. Its so luxurious and my skin loves this product. I wake up to smoother, healthier looking skin and much less redness. Did I mention, my skin got irritated during my Banff vacation and for the past week at home, my only goal had only been to reduce the spots on my face. During the holidays, its hard to give as much attention to skincare as I would like because I am always surrounded by food and family and literally there is no time for a proper routine, other than cleansing and putting on this overnight treatment. Thankfully, the Luxe Sleep Mask is working to calm my skin down while nourishing it with caviar extracts. Its not just any luxury beauty treatment, it's so much more and its helping me achieve healthier skin that looks and feels beautifully smooth and firm. Wish I could bathe in this!
More on today's blog...
LA PRAIRIE Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask Review
LA PRAIRIE Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask