December 1, 2022

Best MAC Nude Lipsticks ft. Mehr, Mocha, Twig, Velvet Teddy and Taupe - Review and Swatches

Happy holiday season my loves!

I cannot believe that it's December 1st and once again, it's that time of the year when all I want to do is celebrate!🎉 This year had been a heck of a ride around the sun! It was full of surprises, lots of new experiences (both good and bad), lots of travelling and lots and lots of home shopping. I think this year was all about regaining control on my life and finding my happiness after the chaos of the pandemic. Beauty never took a back seat and with all the trends going around, the one trend that never goes out of style is the nude lip (thank you Kardashians)! I am more appreciative of minimalistic makeup post-pandemic, and a nude lip always makes me look pulled together with or without eye makeup.

There are so many nude lip colors to chose from and today I am sharing some of my favorite from MAC Cosmetics. I picked MAC Lipsticks in shades Twig, Taupe and Velvet Teddy during Black Friday and also added Mocha and Mehr to compare all five of these in the swatches today. 

More on these in today's blog..

L-R: MAC Velvet Teddy, Taupe & Twig 

L-R: Twig, Taupe & Velvet Teddy

L-R: MAC Velvet Teddy, Taupe & Twig

MAC Velvet Teddy
I have shared Velvet Teddy several times in the past as this is the most flattering nude shade for my skin tone. I know it's a staple for many of you including myself and I can not imagine not having it in my handbag. I always stock up on minis for my handbag and its the one shade that works with all my outfits and makeup looks. 
Its definitely got a permanent spot in my makeup routine mainly because its the right balance of neutral pink and beige that works for medium skin tones. Described as a deep tone beige, it appears more of a pink-beige on me with a matte finish. I think this matte shade is way more comfortable to wear than matte lipsticks from much higher priced brands. Its a great shade to mix other colors in as well. I often outline with a bright pink lip liner and fill in with Velvet Teddy to get a natural looking pink ombre look on my lips. Absolutely love it!

MAC Twig
This is a shade that appears more pink than nude on me and I would have classified it among the pink lipsticks in my collection but since I wear it all the time, it feels like a nude shade to me. Hope that makes sense. (Btw, my friend who wears Ruby Woo all the time, thinks that's her nude shade.. just saying
MAC Twig is a satin finish brown-pink shade which is my ultimate shade for all occasions. It never looks overboard and adds a bit of sophistication to my overall look. I have often been asked about my lipcolor, when I wear it, so it kinda validates that this color suits me the most. I would highly recommend MAC Twig as its very wearable and it looks great on all skin tones.

MAC Taupe
Described as a matte finish, muted reddish, taupe-brown shade, the shade Taupe is a relatively new addition to my collection. I usually steer clear of red toned nudes because they make my lip darker than I would like. Although there are times when it looks great, like when I am outdoors in autumn, and that is when I wore this shade the most. For the holidays, I layer MAC Taupe with a coral lip gloss or a shimmery lip gloss to add a bit of interest in this color. I love it a lot but I feel it is one of those darker nude shades that I have to think before applying. This shade is also lighter and more orange than MAC Whirl, which I wanted to include in this post, but then I realized I never wear dark brown nude colors as I feel it doesn't look great on my medium- neutral skin tone, hence Whirl is missing from this post. 

Swatches in indoor lighting
Swatches in flash

Just when I swatched Twig, Velvet Teddy and Taupe, I felt I must swatch my other two MAC nude lipsticks next to it, so my heavily used MAC Mocha and Mehr joined the trio.

MAC Mehr
There are few lip colors that I have stayed loyal to the point of repurchasing them over the years and one of them is MAC Mehr, after of course, Velvet Teddy and Mademoiselle by Chanel Rouge CocoMAC Mehr is described as a 'dirty blue pink' on Sephora but for me it's a cool toned pink nude in matte finish. It always looks great, adds a touch of maturity to my face like 'I know what I am doing' kinda look. Not every lip color can do that for me and I love MAC Mehr for that. I usually feel that nude lip colors make me look younger, maybe too innocent which is a great look, honestly, who doesn't want to look younger?  And beige nudes look amazing with a darker, heavier eye makeup but for daily basis, sometimes I prefer something a little more pink without grabbing too much attention and MAC Mehr fits the bill for those times (which is most

MAC Mocha
A cream finish peachy brown shade that  best complements smokey eyes or dark kohl liner the best, is what MAC Mocha means to me! I usually wear this for night time because it has the right blend of brown, orange, peachy tones which work well with formal wear. It also photographs beautifully because this is fully opaque on lips. I love to outline with a nude liner and fill in with MAC Mocha to give myself a fuller lip. Its definitely a must have nude lip shade for all skin tones.

L-R: MAC Twig, Velvet Teddy, Taupe, Mehr and Mocha

L-R: MAC Twig, Velvet Teddy, Taupe, Mehr and Mocha 

L-R: MAC Twig, Velvet Teddy, Taupe, Mehr and Mocha

I absolutely loved putting together my favorite MAC nude lip shades for you and I hope you enjoyed reading about why they work for me. If you spot any of your favourites here, please let me know in the comments below. I hope you have great start to the holiday season and hope that this year ends with lots of happiness and joy for all of you. 

Cheers to the holidays!

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