January 9, 2023

MAKE UP FOR EVER Color Correcting Step 1 Primers - Dullness eraser Review and Swatch

If there is any primer that has not stopped impressing me its this one. The Make Up For Ever Color Correcting Step 1 Primers have gone through quite a few makeovers and I have been using it for so long to have tried almost all the versions/reformulations/packaging changes! I first tried it in 2014 when it was called the HD Primer in Shade Yellow (review), then in 2016, I bought it in the new tube packaging and was called the Step 1 Equalizer Primer in Yellow (review) and then I repurchased it in 2022 as the Color Correcting Step 1 Primer in Dullness Eraser. So now you know, it truly is my favorite face primer and I have seen how this primer kept its relevance and high standard of quality throughout the decade. 

Described as a color-correcting primer that delivers an even complexion and radiant-looking skin that lasts all day, I cannot emphasize how much of a difference it can make in my overall look. It not only makes my foundation look fresh but it also adds  a touch of yellow tint to my skin which is so much needed during the time when I am sun burnt to an orange shade or during winters when I look extremely pale. This foundation truly makes my skin look alive and hence it stays true to its name the  "Dullness Eraser"!

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This primer appears almost colourless when applied and adds a slight yellow sheen to my skin. I also covers areas of dryness on my face, at least that's how I feel, and makes my foundation go on more smoothly. It has a beautiful fragrance which I do not mind, however, I do feel that it can potentially irritate sensitive skin. It makes my foundation look fresh and prevents cracks or lines on skin as the day goes on. 

The lightweight formula glides easily on skin and a little goes a long way. The texture is a lot like a moisturizer and it has no silicone or slippery feel, which is my favourite part of this product. It sets pretty quickly, so I can go on with the foundation right after I apply it as the first step for my makeup routine.

I feel that since this primer adds a bit of yellow radiance to my complexion, it works when my skin color has changed depending on sun exposure, and I feel like I can continue wearing the same foundation all year long. Usually, I keep a lighter foundation shade for winter and a tone pinker for summer time, but this past summer and winter, I kept using the same foundation and used this primer to balance out the changing complexion. So yes, it's truly a color correcting primer which seems like a must have as I get older and my skin's requirements and texture changes. (...the joys of getting older) 

Overall, a pretty solid primer which I still really love and would totally recommend you to try as well. The Make Up For Ever Color Correcting Step 1 Primer in Dullness Eraser retails for $50 for 30ml tube at Sephora Canada and it has lasted me over a year now. I do not use it daily because I do not wear foundation everyday since we started work from home but whenever I feel like my skin needs a little help, I would apply this under my foundation.

Hope you like this review and let me know what you think about this primer. 

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