October 18, 2022

SEPHORA Birthday Gift VIB & Rouge Edition 2022 ft. NEST New York Fragrances

Presenting the Sephora Birthday Gift VIB & Rouge Edition for 2022

This year Sephora had two extra gift options to pick for if you are a VIB or a Rouge member. I picked up the Nest Fragrance set because I have always loved Nest perfumes and I love how generous the trial sizes from Sephora are - they are perfect for travelling. This set includes a mini candle, a perfume oil and a Nest perfume roller ball and all three of them smell like the holidays to me!!

This year Sephora offered two additional choices just for VIB and Rouge members apart from the gift sets offered to all Beauty Insiders. The two choices for VIB and Rouge are online only and feature a set from Nest New York and another one from Olaplex. Since I am a VIB at Sephora, I was able to choose from a total of five sets plus a choice to get 250 bonus points that can be used towards a reward from Rewards Bazaar. Since I am a sucker for fragrance, I had been waiting for something like this and though I was anticipating Jo Malone set (which I always miss out on), this Nest fragrance set had me excited. I love travel size fragrance because its easy to toss them around the handbag and in my car and I just love a cloud of fragrance while driving but I refrain from those cheap car air freshners so a quick rub of high quality rollerball perfume on the wrist and I am all set. 
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NEST NEW YORK Fragrance Set features 3 fragrances:
Indigo Eau de Parfum (6ml)
This perfume reminded me of the White Tea collection at the Westin. It's a fresh calming scent that settles down to a bergamot blend. I love how this perfume smells on me and right now it reminds me of holidays! I just checked that 8ml travel spray of this perfume retails for $37 at Sephora Canada so a 6ml rollerball could be approx. $28 which is incredible value  and its free!! Check it out here
Seville Orange Perfume Oil (3ml)
I love perfume oils but since they don't last long on skin I tend to stay away from them and they never get used by me. I thought this one will meet a similar fate, however, I love the citrusy zesty scent of this oil. It reminds me of Chanel Chance and once on skin, it transforms into a nice floral scent. The base notes of Neroli really seals the deal for me and I think I love this scent too.

Grapefruit Candle (27gm)
I initially thought this would be my least favorite scent because I do not like the scent of grapefruit. It reminds me of spoilt fruit and fruit flies ..ewww..I noticed this scent the first, as the little box of this gift set was full of it! Upon lighting this candle, my first impressions and biases changed completely as I could smell the floral notes and I kinda liked it. Its a mini candle but still has a lot of fragrance in it. It burned very cleanly and I am kinda intrigued to check out other Nest Candles because I like this one. A 2oz. Nest Candle retails for $25 so this is half of that in size and should be around $12.50 for an ounce of candle. Check it out here 

So if we do the math, this Nest New York Birthday Set from Sephora Canada would cost roughly $50!! I absolutely love that Sephora offered this one during October because it feels more like a festive holiday gift to myself.

These three beautiful fragrances in the Nest New York birthday gift by Sephora Canada sure tickle my fancy and are also very energizing.  The zesty citrusy Seville Orange Perfume Oil adds liveliness to my mood and the Grapefruit Candle which is all I smelt when I opened the box but when i burn it that scent blooms its middle and base notes and creates a beautiful energizing cloud of fragrance in my room. I never thought I would love Grapefruit and Orange notes so much and this set has definitely made me wanting more.
The star for me was the Nest Indigo Eau de Parfum which smells calming, strong yet relaxing. The Moroccan tea and Cardamom at its opening show its unisex flair but it soon mellows down to Bergamot which I absolutely love and as it wears off, a lingering hint of fruitiness keeps reminding me of the presence of this beautiful fragrance. Its a noticeable scent and for me it/s a scent that makes an impression, a statement that is memorable and I truly appreciate all the beautiful unique notes in Indigo by Nest New York.
I think this is a fantastic birthday treat from Sephora and definitely worth being in the Beauty Insider program and being a VIB.  Hope you  enjoyed this post and if you are a perfume lover then you must get this on your birthday!

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