November 29, 2020

TATCHA The Deep Cleanse Review and Result

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Today's post is a little bit different. I am not going to rant at how awful Tatcha's The Deep Cleanse is for my skin, but I will show you what a hyped up product on social media can do to your skin. My skin was doing fairly well with no acne or dryness. I was on a Guerlain Abeille Royale routine for morning and night and I felt good about it. After I ran out of my favorite Dr. Dennis AHA peeling pads, I decided to give physical exfoliant a chance, but I did not want just any exfoliant - I wanted a high quality product for my skin. So, a quick social media scan and I was sold that Tatcha's exfoliating products are great for pore cleansing and loved by so many "influencers". I have detailed my experience on why this product is not worth my time and money and also included a picture of the reaction I had on my face. 

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I think a lot of us add products to our routine one product at a time and for me I like to follow a full routine from a single brand, because I can always find products that work well together and that minimized my chances of any possible skin irritations. 

I know some of you might think differently, but  I strongly feel that skincare routines should be minimal, so I can keep track of what products I am applying and if any reactions occur I can quickly spot it, without having to eliminate all of my skincare products. 

I remember having maskne, some blemishes, fine lines on my skin, when I started the Guerlain Abeille Royale routine, which is a 3 step routine and I loved how it made my skin feel. I used the Guerlain Cleansing Oil to cleanse my skin followed by the Abeille Royale Toner, Watery Youth Oil and the Double R serum. My face felt moisturized and hydrated all day long and I repeated the same process at night. Once a week, I used a peeling pad to exfoliate my skin. I do not exfoliate daily, because my skincare routine has a gentle peeling effect on skin and I felt my pores looked clean. So once I ran out of the peeling pads, I started looking for an exfoliant and that's when I met Tatcha's The Deep Cleanse.

I bought The Deep Cleanse by Tatcha, because I have used the Tatcha Water Cream in the past and had loved it, so I felt that this should be a great addition to my routine and decided to get the Water Cream once I run out of my Guerlain Abeille Royale products.

Just out of the box, the iconic sea-foam coloured packaging looks luxurious. It had a navy hexagonal print sticker ribbon to hold the lid firmly to the bottle. Once the ribbon is removed and the lid is opened, I found the most awful looking product design. There is a big, unsealed outlet to dispense a lot of product at once and really no way to control how much I need. 
As I inverted the bottle and lightly pressed it, a lot of The Deep Cleanse, dispensed in my palm. I don't use a lot of cleanser on my skin so I had to use my fingers to apply the cleanser on my face with my fingers and let go of the rest in the sink. It's a $49 cleanser at Sephora Canada and I had no intentions to waste any bit of it. The product is designed in a way that you will either have enough to slather all over your body, or you will have to waste it down the drain like I did.


This product states that it is gentle enough to be used daily but since I do not exfoliate every day, I decided to use this twice a week. 
I did my Sunday night skincare routine and used The Deep Cleanse to exfoliate, followed by Guerlain Abeille Royale Toner, Oil and Serum. I went to bed and woke up to redness, tiny white pimples and itchiness all over my face. I thought I ate something that did not suit my digestive system and followed with drinking lots of water and just stayed positive that my face will be ok. The next day, I changed by bed linens, did my usual night routine and the next morning my skin felt better. I thought its just a one time reaction to something, may be its just an irritation that will go away. 

Then on Thursday, I used the Deep Cleanse again as a mid week exfoliation. Guess what all that itchiness, dryness and pimples returned in full force and with a bigger pimple this time. It was so painful and itchy, I couldn't believe I am breaking out like that. 

That is when I thought something is wrong with this cleanser. But I still did not want to believe that Tatcha's Deep Cleanse could be irritating my skin. So I repeated the same thing again on Sunday and guess what! My skin kept getting worse and worse. I had to stop using it immediately and after a week, the itchiness and the dry patches caused as a result of abrasion, slowly got better. I am two weeks from not using Tatcha's Deep Cleanse and my skin looks much better. 

I am 100% confident that this product caused me the worst form of acne and since I am 35 years old, my skin does not heal itself as quickly as it did in my twenties! Its so frustrating and annoying that social media influencers can vouch for something as irritating and abrasive as this one! I will never recommend the Deep Cleanse by Tatcha to anyone!

About the Tatcha The Deep Cleanse

On the swatch, you can see that there are some fine granules of Japanese Luffa Fruit for exfoliation and formula is not foamy. Its exactly the kind of cleanser I like, less foamy and free of harmful chemicals, but I guess not all naturally sourced ingredients are allergen free. 

There is also something I wanted to share and I already touched upon it in my Intagram Post which is the abrasiveness of this formula. When I used this product the first time, it dispensed a lot of it on my palm, which I described earlier. Due to the excess of product on my hands, some of it transferred to the bottle, when I tried to put the lid back on it. The next day, I saw that the plastic on areas, where some of the product was stuck had dissolved and started to peel off as seen in the picture below.

I took this photo 2 days after I stopped using the Tatcha's Deep Cleanse. Some of the redness on my face has subsided but the acne marks are still inflamed and itchy. I literally couldn't touch my face or sleep on my side, because my face was hurting so badly.
At this point I was certain, that introduction of Tatcha's Deep Cleanse in my routine, has led to this reaction on my face. 

After suffering so much from this cleanser, I had no choice but to return this to Sephora asap. Returning the product, gave me my money back, but it won't return my acne free skin back to me. I am so disappointed and now on my journey to find a product that it help prevent scarring and minimize the look of acne marks. It will ultimately cost me more time, money and experimentation. I will be sharing my review on the Sephora's website for this product, so others can benefit from it as well. 

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  1. The exact same happened to me, what a shame!