December 3, 2020

Dior Holiday Golden Nights Collection - Eyeshadow Palette in Golden Snow and Eyeliner in Sparkling Black Review and Swatches

This is my favorite collection for the holidays!! Dior Golden Nights collection is so sparkly - it automatically makes me feel festive and 10x excited for the holidays!! I am so excited to share this so without further ado, lets move on to the review and swatches!

This eyeshadow palette comes in two shades - Black Night and Golden Snow. I picked Golden Snow because the shade were more wearable and it seemed like a more coherent color combo than Black Night.
I love neutral eyeshadows and this one is a perfect palette to get my eyes ready for the holidays. I love that gold eyeshadow in the center as it adds a beautiful pop of sparkle and shine to my lids. The glitter is very finely milled in the eyeshadows and looks very sophisticated. I don't like chunky overly glittery eyeshadows (like Charlotte Tilbury's) and I feel that this palette has a good balance of golden and iridescent shimmers that give a beautiful look on eyes. Also there was very less fallout and you can see that on the swatches, which I did on bare arms!! That means without any concealer or primer as a base!! And they are still so pigmented and sparkly!! Absolutely amazed!!

Just out of the packaging, I was slightly disappointed to see that there is no velvet pouch to protect the case from scratches. Eyeshadow palettes last me years so I like to keep them in a velvet pouch that usually accompanies such high end eyeshadows. Its a small thing, maybe a lot of you don't care about it, but it is a tad important for me. 

For the first time, I saw a description of how to use the tiny dual ended brushes included on any packaging :D Though the brushes or applicators are tiny and non ergonomic, I tried to apply with them and it did work. Though I would prefer my full size eyeshadow brushes over these any day. 

Ingredients - so you can see if there is anything you are allergic to

Size in the palm of my medium size hand

There are two sparkling eyeshadows in the Golden Nights Limited Edition Collection. I picked the shade Sparkling Black because I knew I will get more wear out of this than the other shade called Satiny Gold. 
This is such a beautiful jet black eyeliner with glittery sparkles that dress up my eyes with or without eyeshadows. I can also use it to smudge it out all over my lids for a shimmery black smokey eyes. I absolutely love how longwearing and smudge resistant this eyeliner is.


Dior Holiday Golden Nights Collection Swatches in flash

Dior Holiday Golden Nights Collection Swatches in flash

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know your thoughts on the Dior Holiday Golden Nights Collection and my picks!

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