July 5, 2018

Dermalogica mediBac Clearing® Skin Kit Review

This four piece kit from Dermalogica is described as 'a kit for adult acne that helps treat, clear, and prevent the triggers that lead to breakouts'.  It has four essentials to cleanse and moisturize skin, namely, Clearing Skin Wash, Oil Control Lotion, Overnight Clearing Gel and Sebum Clearing Masque.
I purchased this kit from Sephora because I was sick of my frequent breakouts and wanted something that would work fast and effectively. Ever since I turned thirty, my skin is not the same. There are breakouts, pigmentation, weird dry patches and what not. It feels like everything I do or eat causes acne! I would work in the garden and there will be breakouts, working out in the gym and guess what, swollen comedones!! I am literally at the point of checking out everything in store and in my pantry to treat my skin and there was quite a bit of a learning curve in maintaining my skin's healthy pH. I will discuss all the details on that in another post, for now, lets focus on this skin clearing kit for adult breakouts from Dermalogica.
Dermalogica products come with a promise of visible results and its a brand I trust over many others, however, this kit was far from what I expected. For the good and the bad, keep on reading...

As you can see on the packaging above it clearly promises treating, clearing and preventing adult  breakouts while addressing the needs of adult skin. For me the biggest need for adult skin is hydration and keeping skin looking fresh and youthful. That is what I always expect skincare products to do for me and that is the very reason why I opted for something from Dermalogica.

For me, the Clearing Skin Wash was too drying and I still continued using because my skin felt immensely clean and I followed with the Oil Control Lotion. Even though I have normal/dry skin, which gets more dry with dry weather, I still need a sebum control gel to prevent breakouts especially as I get older. However, sebum control does not mean sucking the heck out of my skin. This combination of Clearing Skin Wash + Oil Control Lotion did reduce breakouts but at the cost of incredibly dry skin which did not heal even with facial oils. I always layered on a sun screen but my skin looked over exfoliated and had patches of dryness on my cheek area.

At night I followed the same regimen of cleansing and followed by Overnight Clearing Gel and the results were the same. Less breakouts but textured and dry skin. Its not a look I go for. I want my skin to be moisturized, hydrated AND clear!

The winner for me was the Sebum Clearing Mask which is a cooling clay mask. It helped in the process of clearing skin and never left my skin feeling dry. Its something I would love to buy in full size.

So overall, this kit did not work for me because it made my skin feel very dry and added an unwanted texture of dry patches to my cheeks. It cleared out my breakouts and I noticed fewer and fewer red spots on my face, but at the price of making my skin very dry. With continued use, I would only imagine premature wrinkling and pigmentation in areas of dry patches, so I stopped using after 3 weeks. I used nearly 75% of this kit during that time, so I imagine this kit should last a month. If you have oily skin and you live in humid climate, this kit might be ideal for you. For my "adult breakouts" sadly this did not provide the relief I was looking for.

Have you tried this? Do share your thoughts with me.

Available at Sephora for C$57

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