August 7, 2017

Summer Beauty Favorites ft YSL, L'occitane, Make Up For Ever, Lancome, Clarins, Estee Lauder and more

Today I went to the mall to get color matched for a new foundation, since my skin has tanned quite a bit this summer and my Chanel Vitalumiere in 30 looks a touch light. So, I went to Sephora and The Bay and I am so disappointed because at Sephora I was matched with a shade which was too light and The Bay matched me with really brown orange foundation. I have no idea how my complexion can appear so different in the same day and actually during the same hour! May be its the store lighting that makes the difference. I have been pretty good on my skincare routine and have been using SPF based products so no sun burns so far. 
I decided to share my favorite products for this summer in today's blog because I think they greatly helped me in keeping my skin healthy. Aviators are absolutely necessary to keep my eyes safe and the sun hat protects my hair and face. I have deliberately left out hair products because that would make this post much longer than it already is :)  
Without further ado, here are all products I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer. Keep reading for review and photos...


These are the products I used every single day this summer and they are my absolute favorites. They are great for natural, everyday looks and they can be layered on for more intensity, for a more formal/evening look. No foundation here, because I am trying out new formulations and haven't set my heart on any of them yet. Summers are usually a tricky for a foundation so I am sticking with my Bobbi Brown Powder Foundation for now (review here).

YSL Volupt Tint in Oil
I have been using YSL Volupt Tint in Oil since last summer and I am still in love with it. Its the best tint in oil I have ever used. I love this shade called Cherry my Cherie No.5. It has a nice pigment and can be worn on its own for a natural rosy lip shade. It moisturizes my lips well and I always pick this shade because I find it to be on of the more pigmented ones.  (Full review)

YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain
Definitely the creamiest, most pigmented lip stain I have ever used. It can almost be a liquid lipstick if the formula was more creamy. I can layer it on for more intensity but I love a single coat. Its just enough color for almost anything and it does not transfer much too. I love this product but its a little pricey so I am holding myself from getting more. Its an awesome product for summers because its long lansting, holds well throughout the day and leaves a lovely stain. (Full review)

Clarins Comfort Lip Oil 
I haven't reviewed this yet but I have shared it multiple times on my instagram because this lip oil is amazing. It does not have as much color as the YSL Tint in Oil but its extremely nourishing and comforting to the lips. Its a nice wash of red shade to the lips and its thicker in texture and feels more like a gloss on lips, while moisturing them. I love this product and I wear this all the time at home and the gym. Its an amazing lip oil.

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara
I was easily hooked to this one. It gives me the biggest, fullest and most luscious lashes ever. I don't even curl them anymore. It does not flake or smudge and holds on well on hot days. My only concern would be that any splash of water would break it down so be mindful when out in summer parties, those water spray guns can really wash it off. (Full review)

Make Up For Ever HD Blush
This is the only blush that lasts all day on me, irrespective of the time of the year or my skin condition. Its a lovely shade from MUFE and the cream to powder texture is spot on. Its very pigmented but applies easily with a blush brush. I love this product and you must try it out. It seems tiny for the price, but it lasts a very long time. (Full review)

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner
Like the YSL Tint in Oil, I only get this shade called Damsel in the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner. Its my favorite shade because it makes my eyes look bigger without making it look harsh or too black. It gives a softer natural look to my eyes and its something I wear all the time. I like to use my black kohl liners more for fall/winter but this is my favorite for easy breezy summer looks. (Full review)

YSL Couture Palette
I have been using this palette non stop because all the colors in this eye shadow palette work perfectly form day to night. Its a warm toned nude palette with one of the best eyeshadow formulations. I can't say enough great things about this one. Its palette perfection! (Full review)

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I am a skincare junkie so there is a lot more I wanted to show you guys, especially in the masks department. I picked up my two favorite ones, a sheet mask and a gel mask.

This is a realy affordable micellar water at only $8 for this big bottle that lasts months. Its easily available and you just need cotton balls to use it. It removes all of my makeup and does not break me out. I am using this every single day and I love it.

This is a sheet mask available at The Bay and its a pretty amazing product. It brightens up skin and with regular use, it smooths out the skin's texture. I will review it in full later, but for now I am loving it. Sheet masks are the easiest and quickest way to attend to skin issues. I loved my For Beloved Girl sheet masks but I can't find them anywhere in Calgary. They are also a good option at a affordable price point.

L'occitane Peony Face Mist
The most luxurious thing I discovered this summer. I love spraying this refreshing peony mist over my face, over my makeup, all the time! Its very hydrating and never irritates my skin. I love this product. Read full review here. Let me just spray some on my face right now!

L'occitane Peony Overnight Mask 
This cute mask is the best thing after a long tiring day. I have shared this in my last post and I love how travel friendly it is. Its an amazing product and works beautifully to hydrate and nourish skin overnight. (Full Review

Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunscreen
Sunscreen is the first thing I apply on my skin before anything else. My day cream has SPF 15 which does the job for me but when I am out in the sun,  I like to use at least a SPF 45 like this one. I love the Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch because it really is a dry touch sunscreen. There is no oily residue on skin, nor does it feel sticky. I love using Ombrelle on my face too but it does get oily and has a whitish cast on skin. This however, is sheer and it feels like nothing on skin. Its a great product for going under th emakeup because it protects without the whitish cast. Some people think of that as a 'sunscreen glow' but I find it to be just oily and gross looking. So two thumbs up for this amazing sunscreen.

AlumierMD AluminEye 
This truly works to eliminate fine lines and dark circles and its the one eye cream that I haven't stopped using. It does the job, has light reflecting particles that make eyes look brighter and its formulated with antioxidants that protect from the harmful UV induced free radical damage. It  stimulates collagen and elastin production and it WORKS! I love this product! (Full Review)

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - Recovery Mask in Oil
I have been using this bottle for over 4 months now and there is still half left. I use this every night and I love how it nourishes my skin. Its my favorite beauty oil because its light, quick absorbing and a great anti aging product. (Full review)

L'occitane Verbana Eau De Toilette
This is a fragrance that I decided to include in this list because its a very summery fragrance that uplifts my mood. Anything that makes me smile is doing good to my skin and wellbeing, right? I spray this on every time I am at the patio. Its a fresh scent that celebrates this season and I love it. (Full Review)

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