July 31, 2017

L'OCCITANE Peony Collection for Summer 2017 Review

Even though peony season is over in my garden, the delicate peony fragrance in each of these products is a sweet delight that I can enjoy all year round. I am obsessed with my peonies and I never cut them for indoors because I love the show they put on in the garden and it forces me to spend more time outside. When I came across this Peony Collection by L'occitane I was amazed at how much this beautiful flower has to offer. 
This collection focuses on perfecting the skin, making it look more beautiful and well hydrated. Each product is formulated with skin-perfecting peony extract from France's Drôme region, and it works on skin cells along with mineral-based optical correctors, to help immediately and visibly create perfect-looking skin.
I love the Perfecting Mist and the little mask pods which are perfect for travel and those real peony petals infusing the Petal Cleansing Oil - I am blown away!
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Look at those peony petals! I love shaking the bottle to see them dance around - shaking is not required for usage but I enjoy it. I was excited to try the Petal Cleansing Oil because its been a while since I used a cleansing oil. I use it mostly as a makeup remover and to get rid of all the dirt sitting on skin at the end of the day and it is been going great so far. Make sure you don't apply this to eyes because the oils feel uncomfortable around the eye area and then you will have to keep flushing your eyes. 
To use, just apply with fingers all over dry skin and massage, then add a little water to form a lather and then rinse. It does not leave any oily residue on skin and I can go on with my regimen such as moisturizer or the Perfecting Mist right after. My skin feels soft, clean and nourished with all the peony goodness. I really enjoy using this.
Peony Petal Cleansing Oil

Peony Petal Cleansing Oil

Peony Petal Cleansing Oil

These pod masks are new products from L'occitane and are launching in August. These masks are perfect for tossing in my travel bag and make it so much easier to keep my skin looking great while on vacation. I find it really hard to carry heavy mask jars or tubes in my luggage and I end up taking very few skincare products when travelling and my skin usually does freak out. But, these little mask pods are perfect. They are great for one time use and they work perfectly to hydrate and freshen up skin when I am away from home.
I can use them at night in my hotel room and throw away all the packaging which actually means my beauty bag weighs less when I return home. (that means more shopping space!!)

Peony Overnight Perfecting Mask
This is my favorite because its a gel mask and it works like a nourishing night cream that does wonders overnight. Just apply a fine layer over skin before bed and sleep and wake up to soft, smooth skin! Its a gel mask that results in fresh, brighter looking skin the next morning. My skin feels and looks well rested and I would love to use it every night. It prepares me for the day ahead and ensures that my skin is well taken care off, even when I am unable to. Its a great travel essential for me and I can't wait to grab more of these for myself.

Peony Flash Moisture Mask
I am always looking for products that hydrate the skin with gentle ingredients that respect the skin and work for it, rather than irritating it with harsh chemicals. And who knows dry skin better than me? This creamy mask is a great quick fix for dry patches or just general dryness. Summers in Calgary are very dry and our skin can use a little help from this Flash Moisture Mask.
I apply this to my face, leave it on for 5 minutes and then remove with a damp paper towel. Its completely non greasy and very moisturizing. There is no need to rinse but I did, because I wanted to apply makeup and get ready for the evening. I felt that my skin looked smooth and felt very soft. I really enjoyed the whole experience and I definitely want more of these pods.


I kept this one for the end because I am obsessed with this product!! I refrain from using 'obsessed' because the word is so loosely used by bloggers but I mean every bit of it. I love, love misting my face throughout the day. Its like a little treat to myself. This perfecting mist can be used as a makeup setting spray that hydrates the skin and tighten pores. It keeps my skin fresh and makes me feel 10x better. I always smile when I spray it on. This peony mist is the perfect beauty treatment you need this summer.
It hydrates, nourishes, makes skin look fresh. I love it after sun exposure, sometimes I spray it on while driving (on red light of course) and it makes me feel a lot less tired and my skin feel great. The mist is very fine and quick absorbing.The size is perfect for my handbag and I love this formulation and I would recommend this to everyone.

Overall, I enjoyed each of these products in the Peony Collection by L'Occitane. They all work great and result in hydrated, smooth, brighter looking skin.  I would highly recommend you to try these yourself and immerse yourself in this beautifully fragrant peony experience.

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