July 22, 2017

ORIGINS Flower Fusion Rose Hydrating Sheet Mask Review

Since everyone on my instagram was in love the new Flower Fusion sheet masks from Origins, I decided to try one myself and see what it was all about. I love roses so my first pick was the Rose sheet mask. I currently have four kinds of roses in my backyard. They are my absolute favorite flower and I regularly consume rosewater in beverages and in skincare.
Origins flower fusion masks comes in six flower fragrances and each mask focuses on a single skicnare benefit.  The Rose mask is a Hydrating sheet mask. Lavender mask is Soothing sheet mask and so on.

When I opened the package I could not smell much of the roses. The fragrance is there but its not strong enough to last 10 minutes of application time. It was more like a slight whiff of rose fragrance and was definitely not "the intoxicating aroma of rose fills you with the feeling of romance" kinda experience. I think my rose water bottle smells more intoxicating than this mask.

The sheet mask is soft and is made with 100% bamboo. Its thick enough to hold all the serum and stay on face for 10-15 minutes without slipping. I felt that I am getting used to sheet masks that have extra layers of packaging to ensure a proper fit on face (see here) and to prevent tearing. I had to be more careful with the application Origins Flower Fusion sheet mask because it was just a folded sheet mask in a scanty pool of serum. It did not fit properly on the nose area, so I had to tear at the nose bridge, to make the mask come in contact with skin.

After taking the mask off, I noticed that my skin looked more hydrated and my pores looked diminished. The effect lasted the remainder of the day and the next morning I was back to my skin issues. I felt that this mask could have delivered more instead of being an average sheet mask. It retails for C$9 for 1 sheet mask which is high, if I compare it with my favorite For Beloved Girl sheet masks that exceed expectations.

Overall, this sheet mask is hydrating but I was underwhelmed by the overall experience. I do not think I would repurchase this or try any other variants. It did not break me out or cause sensitivities so I guess, it should be ok for all skin types.

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