May 13, 2014

Disappointments so far...

Today's post is one of its kind, as it features a collection of products that did not work for me. I decided to put them all together in a single post, because honestly, I don't wanna bombard you guys with a bunch of product failure posts. Without much ado, lets begin...

The first product is from the hair category. Its Organix Moroccan Sea Salt Spray and Surf Paste. From my Instagram and my blog posts, you all know, that I love to curl my hair and I like a little bit of wave in my hair because they make hair look bouncy and full of life. These two products, literally made my hair untouchable. The texture looked like I had not shampooed for months and it appeared dirty and sticky. May be that is what people look for when they get sea salt sprays but this is the one hair product I would stay away from.

Secondly, there are a few from the skincare category. I shared my experience regarding The Body Shop Nutriganics face wash and how it broke me out. Recently, there are two more products, that did not work as expected and they are from Serious Skincare. Yes, I love their products and I have shared quite a few with you previously (Click for reviews) but these two have really disappointed me so far. They are Pure Pep and Serious C C Restore

The first one is a serum called Pure Pep that I used for almost 3 weeks and it did not do anything expect making my skin look red and inflamed.

The second product is the Serious C face cream for evening. I actually wanted to fall in love with this, as I love Vitamin C products, especially for my night time routine and there are a bunch of products I shared with you before which contained Vitamin C as the main ingredient and did a great job for my skin. Serious C broke me out so bad, I woke up to a new pimple every morning. And honestly, I kept blaming my self for not drinking enough water and not getting sufficient sleep and can you believe I am almost done with it and also with a gazillion little red bumps on my cheeks. Thankfully, I had the Dry Lo from Serious Skincare at rescue that kept things under control. As soon as I decided to stop using it, my acne ceased! I used Gardener's Dream Ohm cream for night and the Morning Dew Moisturizer for day, and all my acne is gone in only 3 days!! Can you believe that. So I guess, I am never parting with Ohm cream for sure.

There are a few more in the makeup category, that I would share in another edition of the disappointment post. Hope this post will help you understand what products did not work for me. Pls feel free to share your disappointments with me :)

PS: I hate to say this, but its a curse, that being a blogger, I can not stick to a single product for much long! I love experimentation and hate to admit that I may be jumping at something new and fancy in no time.

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  1. Sad! but its understandable that few products just done't work for someone. Thanks for sharing!