May 7, 2014

ARDENCY INN MODSTER Long Play™ Supercharged Lip Color in Ladder 15 Review and Swatches

I ate so much baklawa today, I do not even know how to flush it out. Metamucil maybe? Now, when I am trying everything I possibly could to loose a few extra pounds for my sisters wedding this June - here comes a big box of baklawa!! So succulent ...honey oozing out with each bite..some were chocolate coated too...ahh divine!! I cant get over how amazing they were. I just hope people would stop getting sweets for me because it makes me fat :( 
Back in Karachi, baklawa was like once in a blue moon thing and it was shared with every one in the house but over here...I eat everything :| I wish I had kept it only for special occasions! Just like my red lipsticks! As much as I would love to wear red lips all the time, I feel a bit OTT during day time. So for me, a red lipstick is only reserved for special occasions that too at night time ONLY. And currently, I am obsessed with this warm red lipstick from Ardency Inn called Ladder.  

Even before I get started, let me tell you that this lipstick is one of the best formulas ever! Its not as light weight as Bobbi Brown's Rich Color lipsticks but is a close second. I love lipsticks that are pigmented, moisturizing and still feel super light weight on lips. It has a matte finish leaning a bit toward satin.
The shade Ladder is a red with orange undertones. On my complexion it appears more red than orange, however, in pics, it pulls those orange undertones. Forget about teeth whitening as this is a complexion brightening shade! Every time, I wear it, it draws so much light to my skin...totally love it!
As you can observe from the swatches above; when heavily swatched the shade does look a bit more orange, than on a single swipe. That's how it looks on lips too. If I apply with a lip brush, it looks like a rich red shade, however, the orange tones are more obvious when applying straight from the bullet.
I get a day of wear time with this, including meals! Yea, its so pigmented it takes the whole day to wear off. It does stain lips a little bit too. Moreover, the formula stays nicely on lips without feathering, which is amazing esp with bolder colors like this.
The packaging is quite different as it has a magnetic closure. The lid glides so smoothly! Its pretty cool to see. I even shared that on my Instragram some time back.
Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Lip Color is available at Sephora for C$29 and comes in a bunch of bold and exciting colors.

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