May 6, 2014

GOSH Forever Eyeshadow in Brown and Silver Rose Review and Swatch

I usually skip eye shadow sticks,because they tend to sheer out when blended and sort of loose their purpose of being an eye shadow but these two shades of GOSH Forever Eyeshadow sticks are so amazing..they have turned in to my favorites. These were launched for this Spring and I am happy to share my review with you all :)

Top to Bottom: Brown and Silver Rose

Silver Rose and Brown are both cool toned. They have a little bit of sparkle in them but nothing to over whelming. As you can see from the swatches above, both shades are pretty opaque and stay true to color on lids.
Both colors make great everyday neutrals for lids, and are a lovely addition to my eye shadow collection. The texture is creamy and very easy to blend. I love to use both of these on my lower lash line. They compliment every eye look I wear.
I love to use Silver Rose on lids and Brown on my lower lash line for a everyday casual chic eye look. I always wear a black liner on my lashes so, it really helps define my overall look.
Since, Brown is darker, it works well as an accent shade for golds and bronze eye shadows and can easily be applied to the outer corners of the lids, as the shape of the stick gives a lot more control than brushes.
I use these without a primer and did not find it to be smudging or creasing on the lid. I live in fairly cold weather, which is great for creamy formulas, in general. Would love to see how it works when I travel to Karachi this Summer inshaAllah :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and keep me updated with your thoughts!

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