April 25, 2014

Inhibitif Advanced Hair Free Body Serum Review

This product sounds like the perfect dream come true to women who struggle with body hair. I have always waxed but ever since I came to Calgary, driving 10 extra miles to reach to the waxing salon is just a lot, let alone the appointments, waiting time and the high price tag. So, I moved to simple, at home products, like epilators, wax strips, creams, razors and tweezers etc. I do have quite a collection of all the hair removing products in the bath and honestly, if there is something that would promise smoothness for longer..I would jump at it. That's how I got to find Inhibitif. Its a full range of hair removal products. They are mostly serum, lotions and mists that you apply after shaving or waxing and after 60 days, they promise that hair would be finer and the growth would be diminished. This post is a detailed account of how it worked for me :)

I have seen so many products that promise smoothness for longer and many of them are nothing but marketing gimmicks. This product, however, was different in the sense that it did not remove hair, but is a topical treatment to prevent hair growth. Its suppose to be 'applied evenly to shaved or waxed body areas, twice a day for 2 months or until body hair appears nearly invisible'.
No doubt thats too much work for a lazy person like me..or may be over occupied person like me..whatever it was, I took the plunge and decided to apply it once in the morning and once in the evening. The 'body area' I chose for this experimentation were my legs. I hate shaving my legs and thought may be this would give me hair free legs, for the sake of good heavens!

Initial Use
The Advanced body serum is in a spray bottle, that sprays evenly on legs. I noticed that whenever I sprayed it to the back of my legs, it would drip. I would just rub that in with my hand, so I would not loose the product. I felt that it took very long to dry. Almost 5 minutes, I would say. May be even longer. I usually shave in the shower, so I would wanna put on clothes immediately after spraying Inhibitif and since wont dry immediately, I felt that my clothes where absorbing some of the product. They did smell like Inhibitif, so I was kinda sure, that some product was lost this way. So I thought, lets let it dry for at least 3-4 minutes, during which I could tweeze my eyebrows, apply body creams, face creams, deodorant etc..

After First Month...
Fast forward a month, I felt that my shave lasted much longer. I could see my hair beneath the skin, but it was not really growing out as quickly. So I started to shave once a week, but continued applying this twice a day. After one month, this 4oz bottle finished and I kept forgetting about repurchasing it, since my hair did not bother me much. I was shaving them once a week with no Inhibitif to follow up with. Guess what! I got all my thick, prickly hair propping out, just after two weeks of discontinuing. I was so upset!

Second Month to date
I found an aerosol can of Inhibitif in my bathroom vanity, that I did not want to use, since it was leaking liquid. I just took it out and started spraying my legs. After about 2 weeks, I had the same result. Lesser hair growth, my shave lasted longer and no prickly hair!

Overall, I feel this is an amazing product but it requires commitment and continued usage. Even when I got the results that I was expecting, I still had to maintain it by spraying Inhibitif at least once every other day. One of the things I dislike is that it leave a flaky residue on my legs that looks like dryness and I have to exfoliate more often. Other than that, this is a great product and I can't wait to see all the hair on my legs disappear :D Still have a long way to go...

Inhibitif Advanced Hair Free Body Serum retails for CAD$17.99 and can be purchased from www.inhibitif.com or from Shoppers Drug Mart.

Hope you found this review useful. Please share your thoughts with me :)

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