May 14, 2014

Joico Power Spray Winner of Elle Canada 2014 Beauty Grand Prix - Review

So, you know, I love reading Elle Canada to stay in touch with the new and exciting stuff in the beauty and fashion world and I always enjoy going through their beauty picks. In the May edition, they picked up Joico's Power Spray are the winner for Elle Canada & ELLE Quebec 2014 Beauty Grand Prix for the best hair spray. There is a serious competition in the hair spray business because there are so many that offer the 'strong hold and the natural feel' - so how does this one stand apart or rather at the top? Lets dig in...

Joico’s Power Spray is the ultimate hold hairspray with the latest in technology that delivers the power you need with the flexibility you like. As a stylist, you crave both exceptional hold and a natural feel! It helps stylists transform hair, by keeping strands in place while maintaining pliable, true restyleability for up to 72 hours!

This hair spray has an amazing capability to hold a hair style. I tried it on guessed it..curls and crown braids, fishtail braid and even on simple high pony tail. In all situations, one thing was common: no flyaways! You know, how frustrating it is when you do every thing to perfect your hair style and then you take your pictures and you see a few hair strands floating around your head, giving it an uneven and messy appearance.
Another remarkable thing is that even after days of spraying it, it does not seem to make my hair look greasy. Especially when I do a high pony tail and I spray it all over my head to keep all the small hairs from propping up, and even after I undo, I felt that I could easily brush my hair through it and hair still looked clean. Isn't that awesome.
Moreover, this is a quick drying hair spray, so it dries out quick giving a crunch. I really like it and I would wanna keep using it.

If you would like to try it, its available in all major stores for CAD 19.99. You can also win yourself all the winners of ELLE Canada 2014 Beauty Grand Prix by using this link:

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