May 20, 2014

Kelley West Microderm360 Review and Photos

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend. I just kept thanking this little tool for solving my skin issues. After the longest winter of my life, my skin felt so lifeless and using a few wrong skincare products made it even worse. But ever since I got on to using KW Microderm360, twice a week, my skin looks a lot fresher and definitely healthier. So whats so amazing about this? Lets find out next.

Whats in the box!
You get a
  • Microderm360 tool, 
  • 60 Filters, 
  • 2 Diamond Tips - one for face and one for body
  • Tweezers,
  • Travel Pouch
  • A/C Adapter

When plugged in, Microderm360 is in the stand by mode, where only one light is on. You press the power button again and it turns on to a lower setting (2 lights) or press it one more time for a higher level. I use the lower setting for face, but for arms and legs, I go for the higher treatment level.

By pressing the blue button on the side, you can change the position of the head,that makes it easier to reach the contours of the face and back of arms and legs. I always swivel it when using.

Look at all that gunk. All the dead and dull facial skin! I had to change the filter twice when I exfoliated my arms! Couldn't believe how much I ignored the skin on my arms. And dont even get me started on how much dead skin I carried on my legs.

I have been using this for 7-8 weeks now and I use it about twice a week. I make sure, I use it at night time, so my face would recover from a little bit of redness here and there. I follow up with my night cream and sleep. In the morning, I apply sunscreen to protect my new and baby soft skin from the harmful effects of sun, even if I am home. Microdermabrasion can increase sun sensitivity so its always better to be safe.

After using it for quite some time, I can confidently say, that it lightened my acne marks and blemishes. The vacuum suction along with microderm makes my skin feel instantly softer. I also noticed that I needed lesser concealer on my face. There has also been a noticeable difference to thequality of my skin. From the dead winter skin, I emerged to fresh and radiant skin. Its the kind of glow, that comes from beneath the skin as the device promote blood circulation and collagen production. If you want the real glow - the one that comes from within - then this is the tool for it.
I feel Microderm360 is a break through in at-home microdermabration tools and even technology wise, its pretty cool. From the design to functionality, this products is really easy to use, but it definitely takes some time to get comfortable with and get your skin used to.

Week 1 to 2:
When I used it the first time, I got so much dryness on my skin that turned in to dry patches over the week. I even got a few red bumps here and there, but no big pimples. Especially, the skin on my T zone got so flaky, I wanted to stop using it. But then my skin had never experienced microdermabrasion with vacuum suction. And that's what kept me motivated to continue using it. I re read the manual to make sure I was using it correctly. You have to gently pull the skin and then press and work the Microderm360 tool in the opposite direction. I could see so much of my dead skin on the felt like an accomplishment to be honest :D

Week 3-4
During the third week of using this, I felt that my dryness had reduced considerably and my skin did not look all that flaky any more. It appeared more smooth and cleaner and definitely soft to touch :)

Week 4 to date:
I began using this for my neck, decollete, arms and elbows and legs. My skin looks plumper and definitely very soft. It does not look all that dry anymore and I feel my skincare products absorb much better now than before. I really like how my skin feels now. This has been the best thing for my skin so far. And since it works all over body, its a great value for money.

Overall, I feel this is an amazing product. It can plump up skin and breathe life to it...honestly, I am a much happier person when my skin is doing great.  It literally takes off years of damage from skin. If it could help me rid off a few blemishes and acne marks in just over 7 weeks, I hope that it will make my complexion a lot more even with continued use. And what excites me the most, is that I made no changes to my skincare routine! This tool easily fits in my skincare regimen and makes all my products work even more efficiently.

I love the fact, that it really doesn't need much maintenance and I can keep using Microderm360 uninterruptedly (as long as I have the filters available).

I really enjoy deeply exfoliating my skin using Kelley West Microderm360. You can find out more about this on Microderm360's website and their Facebook Page.
Kelley West Microderm360 can be purchased from and also from HSN.


  1. Thank you so much for the review! I would also want to know if you put the machine on "standby mode" does it make any sound at all? Because I just got mine and I want to make sure that its not broken or anything. :/

    1. Nope. Its completely silent in standby mode. You can hear the machine on level 1 and it gets a bit louder on level two