February 9, 2014

Serious Skincare The Beauty Book Vol VII - Photos

I received a big box of goodies from Serious Skincare on Friday and I was overwhelmed by the number of anti aging products it contains. Although, I may not be using all of them right away, as I am working on a a really gentle and natural skincare, (that I will share with you very soon) I would be using some that really stood out to me.
The Beauty Book from Serious Skincare is worth $459.40 and is currently for $119.25 on their website. They have been the top skincare line on HSN and have been selling for 19 years in the USA. They will be on TSN on Feb 13 and 14, so make sure you catch them on the show.
This is a picture heavy post and contains only the description of each product.


Definitely judge this book by its cover! Designed to look like an actual novel, this decorative keepsake box is filled with an amazing assortment of popular skin-enhancing items designed to help bring out your best appearance. From luxurious creams to wrinkle-fighting serums, this kit helps you turn the page to a more beautiful, youthful complexion. (source)


2 fl. oz. Creamerum Evolve Cream/Serum
1 fl. oz. Pure-Pep 30% Pure Peptide & Neuropeptide Concentrate
.5 fl. oz. CC Cream Eye
1 fl. oz. Dry Lo Spot Treatment
2 fl. oz. C Restore Night Cream with Vitamin C Ester
2 fl. oz. A Force XR Time-Released Nanoencapsulated Retinol Serum Concentrate
A Defiance Skin Detailer Complete Two-Part Facial:
  - 2 fl. oz. Deeply Dissolve & Activate (Step 1)
  - 4 fl. oz. Draw & Tighten (Step 2)
The Beauty Booklet Volume VII

The Beauty Book Collectible Box Volume VII

CC Cream Eye
So excited about this product. I am really willing to do anything to make those dark circles disappear!

Pure-Pep 30% Pure Peptide & Neuropeptide Concentrate
I will be using this to see how it works on the spots on my nose and jaw line. Although, I am in my late twenties, I believe its best to start with an anti aging skincare before time to fully harness the benefits.

A Force XR Time-Released Nanoencapsulated Retinol Serum Concentrate
Retinols! I need you in my life. They can make such a difference to any one's skin. I really wanna try out this one.

Creamerum Evolve Cream/Serum
Refreshed and renewed complexion? Who doesn't want that. It keeps getting exciting with each product.

C Restore Night Cream with Vitamin C Ester
I love, love Vitamin C. Its the most effective skin brightener ever and that reminds me that I must share my DIY recipe for Vit C peel and brightening mask.
I love citrus fruits in every form. I drink it, I eat it and I put it on my skin. Btw, I am currently using a Vit C night cream  which I have to share with you guys! I just feel I really need to update you guys on my post acne skincare regimen. Once, I am done with the jar of my night cream, I will begin using this one.

A Defiance Skin Detailer Complete Two-Part Facial 
Radiant complexion? Yes Please! This is another duo I will jump right in to.

Dry Lo Spot Treatment
I have wrote so much about my acne, you guys must have been full of it. I don't have pimples anymore but my skin looks red and inflamed in the areas I got acne. I also have some scarring and blemishes, so I am looking forward to getting regular with this.
And guess what, it comes with the bonus of removing blackheads and white heads! Yippee!

CC CREAM FACE - Correct and Conceal Total Face Beauty Treatment with Broad Spectrum SPF 15

I am very excited about the CC Creams as I tried these on and they made my skin feel silky soft and so flawless. I had to mix two shades Medium and Light to get the right shade for my skin tone. So glad they sent me all four shades from this line.
I will be sharing my detailed review on this next week :)

I also received Insta-Tox -temporary wrinkle smoothing serum. I don't have any wrinkles but I will see how it works for the fine lines around my eyes.

I really need to study these high tech products, before I could really set them in my skincare regimen. I am glad I got the whole skincare range and also the CC cream for face and eyes! I will be updating you guys on whatever goes on and shall share my experience with these products, as and when I use them.

Wanna know more? Log in to www.seriousskincare.com or go the The Beauty Book's Page by using this link.

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Awww, you got some very impressive products Ruqs, it's just a whole skin care range! Lucky girl <3