February 7, 2014

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

Makeup sponges are probably the oldest makeup tools I could think off. They are my mom's favorite and I loved using them for my foundation. You have seen my makeup brushes before and I love doing my foundation with a foundation brush, however, ever since the Beauty Blender became the talk of the town, I had been wanting to add it to my makeup routine but the price tag of CA$ 26 is too high for a sponge! 
I am so happy that Real Techniques came out with a high quality sponge at a fraction of the price and with a design that definitely seems to be more functional than the other sponges out there. I am so excited to share this Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques with you guys, since, this has pretty much helped me in perfecting my foundation like never before. 
In this review I will share 360 degree views of the sponge and also share how its different from others on the market. Lets begin!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Rounded Sides

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Flat Edge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Pointy Corner
 Its swells to double its size when wet.


I always had the issue of dry patches showing up on my skin after doing my foundation and I often resorted to lightly spraying my moisturing toner on it, to keep it from showing through. This sponge has really solved that problem. I use the rounded sides for applying and blending my foundation. The finish I get is sheer and I build it to medium by dabbing more foundation and gently blending everything out. I do feel that I use more foundation with the sponge but the airbrushed finish is really something I can trade my foundation for! I would say if you use a super expensive foundation, you might have to think twice, since it does absorb some product, unlike foundation brush or simply using fingers. 

The flat side is used for applying concealers and to reach out to the contours of the nose and the eye. I feel it does a great job in making the concealer last longer, as the wet sponge, really sets it in skin. I used this with my Amazing Concealer and it stained the sponge and I can't seem to rid of the stains.

The rounded sides are also fantastic with creme blushes and setting powder. I really like the soft rounded sides as they do an amazing job at applying evrything I would wanna put on my face. The pointed edge helps in applying concealer to small blemishes or acne marks. I just dab it where needed and it does the job. 

If I compare this to the Beauty Blender, I would say, it feels the same way, but has a flat edge to reach out to the contours of the face. The Sculptor Makeup Sponge from Sephora has flat edges on two sides but no pointy edge for minor imperfections. This Miracle Sponge has the best of both worlds, where there is a flat edge, a pointy edge and the soft rounded sides. It really is the best value I can get for my money.

Overall, this sponge has made my makeup more effortless and is a sweet addition to my makeup routine. Its only for CA$ 9.99 and can be purchased from www.farleyco.ca or you can use this link


  1. I want this ....looks worth it :)thx fr the review

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