February 12, 2014

Annabelle CC Perfecting Base - Natural Finish & Luminous Finish and CC Pressed Powder Review, Swatches and Photos

I think this was launched for last year's Spring and I am ridiculously late in sharing this with you guys! But I really like these products, so I thought why not share it now! This was the first CC cream I came across and they are proudly Canadian. We see a number of CC creams in the market but these three products work so well together, that I reach out to these almost every day. Oh and btw, Marcelle, which is a sister brand of Annabelle has launched a DD cream too!! I believe these are the only affordable CC creams in the market and they are oh so good at correcting and priming..

This is a correcting base that works as a primer, a tinted moisturizer and offers natural finish. I find the finish to be slightly oily and since its a base, I feel that's a nice texture for the powder to adhere to. It comes in only one shade but it adjusts to my complexion and almost sinks in to skin without showing much color. When I layer on the CC Pressed Powder, it not only helps in staying longer but also sets it well without accentuating dryness. 

In the swatches below, you can see that it seems to have some color but once blended, its sinks right in and gives a smooth texture to skin.

I love luminous finishes. I think this trend is really catching up and now more brands are offering products with luminous finish or an illuminating base. This is similar to MAC Strobe Cream in the sense that both are illuminating base for foundation. It promises to give a candle light glow, which I feel is quite appropriate because it does give a really diffused soft glow.
I apply this after the Natural Finish CC Perfecting Base (mentioned above) because I feel that way, I get the most luminosity out of it. I love glowing skin and if it's as easy as putting on a luminous finish base, why not? It can also be applied as a highlighter on brow bone and cheek bones, but I never use it that way. I like the overall glow it gives as a base.

In the swatch below, you can see that it adds shine to my skin, but does not give it a purplish hue like the Mac Strobe Cream, nor does it contain over the top shimmer.  I love this for this reason. I don't look like 'sparkle city' with this on.

Find out more about the CC Perfecting Base here

Applying this pressed powder is my final step for a my no-makeup-look days (which is on most days). I use this powder as a foundation after priming and correcting with the natural finish or the luminous finish CC base.
I like how light these products feel on my skin, yet they correct and conceal redness and some discoloration here and there. I do use a concealer for my under eyes and blemishes but I like the sheer coverage it gives.
Although, this is a powder, it does not feel drying, nor does it settle around my nose. I use a powder brush to apply this to my face and I like how the CC Perfecting Base helps in giving luminosity and longevity to this pressed powder. Sometimes, I just swipe this on my face after a sun block and it helps in keeping my skin feel matte.
Find out more here

It houses a mirror and a small brush - great for on the go touch ups

Overall, I really like this combination. I would recommend trying these out, especially to someone who likes to wear lighter coverage, more natural looking foundations. These are quite affordable too. Each one of these retails for 16.95 CAN and can be purchased from any local stores or from the website at www.annabelle.ca

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  1. Sounds like some great products! I love the effect of foundation and primer! Great review honey <3