November 10, 2021

REN Clean Skincare - Glow One Step Further Set - Daily AHA Tonic, Glycolic Renewal Mask & Vitamin C Gel Cream Review

I have been a huge fan of REN Clean Skincare for quite a long time, but since I always began using these as soon as I brought these home, it was impossible to take good pictures for the blog. The Daily AHA Toner is my favorite for the past two years and I have purchased this several times, but couldn't really share it on the blog. Even in today's post all of these products are half empty - or shall I say half used, but I still managed to gather myself to post these because you NEED to know about these extraordinary products. 
My journey with Vitamin C products isn't a nice one. I developed an allergic reaction to some Vitamin C serums in the past, after which I was scared to even try Vitamin C products ever again. When you get acne at 30 and it scars your skin, you feel like all the time you spent as a teenager taking care of your skin is wasted. Its devastating and I was sure I am never going back down that route.  
So, if I used retinol treatment at night, do I do the quintessential Vitamin C routine in the morning? We know the drill - retinol at night, vitamin C in the morning and SPF, but how do I do that? I began using water creams, gel formulas and generally anything calming for my skin for years before I was confident I am ready for Vitamin C products again. At age 36 I need that glow! Hyperpigmentation is real and I needed some kind of acids in my routine! So I trusted this clean skincare line, which is vegan, created without the regular toxins, marked 'Clean at Sephora' and BINGO! Sold! My love for Ren Skincare began with its Vitamin C products because it worked for my skin and I am so happy to finally share and recommend a vitamin C skincare range with you :)

REN Clean Skincare Glow One Step Further Set ($35 on sale for $21) contains:
  • Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic - 50ml
  • Glycolic Lack Radiance Renewal Mask - 15ml
  • Vitamin C Gel Cream - 15ml
Though this set seems to be too small but I have been using this since October 5th, and after over a month, I have used half of it as you can see from the pictures below. Also, I bought it at a discounted price of $21 at Sephora store, so it is definitely a good deal at $21. Even at $35 its a good discovery set, if you are planning to try out  Ren's vitamin C products and you can get 2 months worth of product in this set.

This exfoliating toner promises to hydrate, tighten and brighten the skin with regular use. I always use this as part of my morning routine after cleansing my face. I feel that it balances my skin's pH and gently exfoliates enough that I only physically exfoliate my face once in a month. I have felt the most difference on my chin and nose area, where I would develop blackheads and whiteheads if I am not exfoliating enough. It's gentle enough to use daily but it does sting slightly and prepares the skin for the moisturizer and SPF.
I always purchase this toner in the 100ml size which retails for $28 and lasts me 6 months. I do not like to keep my skincare on the vanity for that long because I do believe that it gets less effective over time, especially with vitamin C. Though, I am quite positive that this formula stays fresh but it is something I do for all my skincare products. I live in a cool climate where my room temperature is never over 21 degrees, but as an abundance of caution, I purchase smaller sized skincare products so I can use it up in the given time. 

This is the moisturizer I apply after the Daily AHA toner and it immediately hydrates and smooths out my skin. In this past month my skin has only improved and the dark spots seem lighter. They haven't disappeared but it seems less noticeable and a light coverage foundation is enough to cover them. The texture of this moisturizer is somewhere between a gel and a cream and has a nice slip to it so it can be massaged in to skin. It also has a slight citrus fragrance which is not noticeable after application. I only need a pea size amount for my face and a bit more for my neck. It get fully absorbed leaving my skin non oily and non shiny and I follow with SPF and/or foundation.
The REN Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel retails for $63 for 50ml pump bottle, so in this set I got $18.9 worth of product. Not a bad deal!

This mask gently exfoliates and brighten skin. I have only used this twice in a month because it feels a bit too exfoliating on my skin. It has an orange scent and a gel like texture and spreads evenly on skin. It's almost like putting orange marmalade on skin. It's supposed to be left on skin for 10 minutes and then washed off. While on skin, this mask feels slightly tingling and after washing it dried my skin significantly on first use but felt much better after the second use. I follow with the Daily Vitamin C Gel and my skin feels and looks great!
I think its a good mask but I need to build tolerance to it. That's why I use it once in a while or as needed. I am not sure if I love it yet, so can't recommend but this has some pretty good reviews so I will continue using it until I see some benefits. 
REN Glycolic Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask retails for $76 for 50ml, so I received $22.8 worth of mask in this set! 
Overall, I love this set from REN because each product does what it promises. It hydrates, brightens and exfoliates skin and none of the products caused any allergic reactions or breakouts. I would highly recommend you to get this set if you are still wondering whether Vitamin C products will work for you or not. It's a clean vegan formula that works well for my skin and I am so happy I can incorporate vitamin C products to help me improve my skin's elasticity and reduce dark spots. 
Hope you enjoyed this review and let me know if you like Vitamin C products too!

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