November 5, 2021

Keratinworks Haircare Review ft. PURE Shampoo, PURE Conditioner, Pure Hair Mask, Pure Liss BB Cream and Pure Crystal Serum

Cooler temperatures usually dry out my hair and skin and there is an instant need to hydrating and moisturizing formulas for my hair products and skincare. Most of the times I end up with breakouts on my face and neck because these formulations clog my pores and irritate my skin and that is the worst thing to experience when I am so close to the holiday season! So when I came across these non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, vegan, SLS free haircare products from Keratinworks, I was ecstatic! 
Today I am sharing haircare products from Keratinworks PURE line which includes a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, Liss BB cream (styling cream) and a crystal serum (shine serum). 

Over the years I have developed a likeness for keratin infused hair products because they work for my hair type but I was unaware that most of them contain toxins and carcinogens! The idea that my shampoo and conditioner don't just stay in my hair, they actually wash down my entire body, is enough for me to be more selective in what hair products I use in the shower. 
All Keratinworks hair products are free from all those irritants, are safe for colored hair and are vegan! Before using Keratinworks my scalp would be itchy with mild dandruff and I would often breakout on the sides of my neck. I knew I needed something better and I found relief ever since I started using Keratinworks PURE shampoo & conditioner as the first step to cleanse and nourish my hair. 

Keratinworks PURE shampoo is infused with coconut water, coconut oil and vitamins that are essential for healthy and shiny hair while also maintaining an optimal hair pH. I apply a small amount to my hair and gently massage. It does lather up but not as much since its a SLS free shampoo. It is recommended to place hair underwater for a few seconds after application and then start lathering. I always do that since I use it in the shower and the nice clean fragrance of this vegan, paraben free, SLS makes washing hair more luxurious. After thoroughly rinsing I noticed that my hair felt very clean and ready for deep conditioning so I follow with the Keratinworks PURE Conditioner or once a month, I can follow with the Keratinworks Hydrating hair mask

Keratinworks PURE Conditioner is formulated with keratin proteins and amino acids that result in soft, shiny and smooth hair. I apply this to the lengths of my hair after rinsing out shampoo and leave it in for 3 minutes for maximum effect. I like to massage the tips of my hair with conditioner because that is where I need maximum hydration. Waiting 3 minutes after application felt longer compared to regular conditioners, but considering that this is non toxic and non irritating, I felt that it was worth the wait. After rinsing off the conditioner, I towel dry my hair and follow with Liss BB cream. I noticed that my hair instantly felt softer even in the shower soon after I rinsed my hair. Its a great quality conditioner especially if dry hair is a concern for you like I do. 

Keratinworks PURE Liss-BB Cream 
After washing and towel drying my hair, I apply a couple of pumps of the Keratinworks PURE Liss BB Cream to my damp hair. This lightweight hair styling cream has a mild fragrance and feels almost like a moisturizer. It works wonders on my hair by reducing frizz, adding shine and softness and since its free from toxins I know that I will not break out on my neck from this. I also felt it added volume to my hair after blow drying and there are no more tangles. Its much easier to style my hair using this cream as there is no oily feel or residue in my hair. The Liss-BB Cream does not weigh down my hair like other styling products and I can go without washing my hair for days. The slight fragrance also lingers for days in my hair, which lets me feel they are still clean. Overall I love Liss-BB Cream and I feel it works great compared to other natural hair products. 

Keratinworks PURE Crystal Serum
I always use a finishing serum on my hair to prevent knots and add shine to my hair so I had high expectations from this one and it does deliver what it promises. A few drops of the Crystal Serum is enough to apply all over the lengths of my hair. It adds shine and smoothness to hair and results in silky soft hair that lasts days or until I wash it off. I can even combine the Crystal Serum with the Liss-BB Cream and apply to damp hair before styling but since I am used to a finishing shine serum, I always apply this at the end of my hair routine.  

Keratinworks Hydrating Mask
Designed to be used instead of the conditioner once or twice a month, this mask provides extreme softness and hydration to hair. I had to set aside 30 minutes to test out this hair mask and I am so pleased with the results. It felt like a salon keratin treatment that not only made my hair smoother and shinier but also added the volume for healthy looking hair. My hair has a fuller, more voluminous look and the shine makes it look healthier. I think this mask is a must have if you want great looking hair. 

Overall I love Keratinworks because it works as promised and my hair looks much better than before. I love how much shine and smoothness it has added to my thick, frizzy and often hard to style hair. I love the results so much that I would highly recommend you to try this out. You can find out more about these amazing products at

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