November 3, 2021

NARS High Profile Cheek Palette Review and Swatches

NARS blush palette for the Holidays 2021 got me so excited, I couldn't resist getting one for myself and I am so pleased to share it with you today with the swatches. This is probably the best blush palette I have tried from NARS in a while mainly because all shades have a smooth and buttery, non glittery finish which looks absolutely stunning on my skin. All the shades are super pigmented and long wearing on me. There is a gold bronze-y highlight, a couple contouring shades and three pinkish hues for an instant pop on my medium skin tone. If you are looking for the ultimate blush palette, then this might be it! Keep reading for swatches and review.


For the first time I have a blush palette where all the shades work wonderfully well. All the powders are finely milled, baked and embossed and they work beautifully on skin with a regular blush brush. I didn't even label each shade individually in the swatches, but just kept them in the same order to ensure that you get a full feel of the shades in the palette. However, since every shade is almost the same satin finish, it only made sense to look at this palette as a whole and not individual colors.

To apply, I usually swirl my brush over a couple of shades, just to see how many different looks I can get from them. They are great on their own and so much fun to mix and apply. The highlighting shade in the top corner has a slightly more shimmery finish but on the skin it looks smooth and adds just enough glow to look natural. I would like to layer this shade on a bit more for night time. The rest of the shades can be worn as blushes or bronzers but I was able to use the more brown shades as contours. I also love how there is a variation in the shades of the blushes, so there is a light rose pink, coral pink, a medium pink, a darker pink and warm beige pink - its so thoughtfully crafted. It's literally like someone sat with me and said ' girl, you want it, you got it!' and here comes this palette. It feels great to have something like this blush palette come out  for the holidays that I can actually fully utilize rather than stick to a couple of shades while the rest of the palette goes to waste. NARS High Profile Cheek Palette is definitely a game changer in holiday beauty launches.

This palette is designed for all skintones and I can totally see how some shades might not work for very light skin tones, especially the highlight shade being too bronzey for fair complexions. But overall, I think the blushes in NARS High Profile Cheek Palette are gorgeous and can be customized according to your skin tone. If your skin is lighter, a single swipe of these blushes may be enough and if your skin is darker then maybe you can go crazy with these. I absolutely love it and I think this is the first time I have loved a NARS Blush palette this much. Check out my review of the other NARS blush palette here.  For me it is one of the best purchases for the Holidays 2021.

From its glossy pink packaging accented with ribbons wrapped all over, to the quality and longevity of the blushes, I am totally impressed. I would highly recommend you try out the new NARS High Profile Cheek Palette and I am quite sure you will love it too <3

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