September 17, 2020

ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Flowers & Portraits Blush Wands - Review and Swatches

Rouge Bunny Rouge's Flower & Portraits Blush Wands come in four natural looking hues that work for most skin tones. The lightweight formulation applies smoothly on skin and dries to a powder finish which lasts all day long. The shades are Rosetti, Klimt, Vrubel and Renoir - Vrubel being the darkest, which can be described as a cranberry color (ideal for colder weather) and the lightest shade is Klimt which works for the my skin but better days - adding just enough warmth to add a glow to my face. 

The Flower & Portraits Blush Wands are the most beautiful cream-to-powder finish blushes I have used in  a long time. They do not require any setting sprays nor do they feel heavy or oily on skin. I have been loving these blushes lately and I can't wait to share more about these in today's blog ...

How to use:
As recommended on Rouge Bunny Rouge’s website, the Flower & Portraits blush wands can be applied on cheeks, eyelids as well as lips for a balanced, healthy looking look.
I apply these Blush Wands directly to my cheeks and blend using fingertips or brush. I feel that the formula just melts into skin and gives me the most natural looking effect. On most days, I just dot it on the apples of my cheeks and dab gently with my fingertips in an outward motion to blend it out. I usually do not layer it because they are sufficiently pigmented, however, with the lighter shades like Klimt and Rosetti, if I feel the need for more color, I do not hesitate to apply another layer on it.

077 Rosetti
Rosetti is a warm rose pink which is the most natural looking flush of color on my cheeks. It blends seamlessly and gives me the happiest, youthful glow on my face. This shade is lighter than Renoir, which looks like a cooler toned version of Rosetti in the swatches, and the skin like finish makes this one look most natural on me.


79 - Klimt
Klimt is a peachy nude with warm, slightly orange undertones. I use it on days when I want to warm up my complexion just enough to look like I am back from vacation! Miss going on holidays, but I can add a bit of warmth with this light peachy-orange shade. I can even use it as a light bronzer on my nose and corners of the forehead to add a touch of warmth to my face. 

80 Renoir
This cool bubblegum pink shade reminded me of one of the first blushes I used when I started doing makeup. It's a classic blush shade that works nicely on all complexions alike. Renoir is a beautiful everyday pink for me which I feel I gravitate towards the most. 
Though it looks like a cooler version of Rosetti in the swatches, its a lot more pigmented and has more color payoff than Rosetti, hence making it a great option for daily wear on all skintones.

76 Vrubel
Though this is a dark blush shade, I get the most beautiful pinched cheek look with this cranberry shade. Its ideal for winter time and I can't wait to wear this more often with my Fall neutral toned outfits. This shade gives me the jolliest, holiday ready cheeks, which only makes me yearn for holiday season to begin!
This shade is beautifully pigmented and blends so smoothly, there is absolutely no patchiness in application with fingers or brush. Love this shade a lot!

I decided to do a side-by-side comparison of the Flowers & Portraits Blush Wands, so you can see how pigmented they are. In the swatches above, I hope you can appreciate the skin like finish of these blushes. They have a cream-to-powder blush formula and look so natural on my face. Absolutely beautiful and luxurious.

Flowers & Portraits Blush Wands in Indoor Lighting

Flowers & Portraits Blush Wands in Daylight

Overall, I love these blush wands. The packaging is beautiful and each wand holds 7g of blush. The wands are retractable, so you can easily twist it up or twist it down. Each of these blushes are so beautiful that I had a really hard time picking my favorite. They works beautifully on their own, blend seamlessly and I can always layer them to build more color. Its cream-to-powder, sheer, skin like finish is so perfect, that it never clings to any dry areas on my cheeks. They are also incredibly long lasting and stay fresh throughout the day even if I sweat or splash water on my face to awaken myself. I would highly recommend these. 

You can get Rouge Bunny Rouge Flowers & Portraits Blush Wands from their website for €31. Use code rbr-blogq3 for 20% off. Valid till October 31, 2020. 

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