September 15, 2020

ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Velvet Whispers Matt Lipsticks - Review and Swatches

Hello lovelies, 
I am so excited to share the Rouge Bunny Rouge Velvet Whispers Matte lipsticks with you today. These lipsticks are luxuriously packaged and have a creamy matte finish which is long lasting and comfortable to wear. I have been sharing some sneak peeks on my Instagram and I know you are loving this collection as well. Each shade has its own whimsical story based on the myths around whispers in the enchanted garden. It's a beautiful story and you can catch up on it at Rouge Bunny Rouge's website.  These vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and fragrance free lipsticks are so pigmented and long wearing, I never have to worry about it fading. I have swatched all the shades in this collection for you, so keep on reading..

All swatches are done in indoor lighting and are only a single coat of the Velvet Whispers lipsticks!

108 - Visionary Breath
This bright coral pink with orange undertones is a mood uplifting shade. It applies smoothly and settles in fine lines on the lips, like other matte lipsticks, resulting in a nice matte finish effect. This is a perfect daytime, summer shade for me. 

110 - Mirthful Innuedo 
This is a cool nude shade with a pink undertone. It is definitely not the most flattering on my neutral- warm skin tone however, this is a great shade to wear to work or pair with glitter black smokey eyes for night time. 

109 - Ambitious Insinuation 
The red of my dreams - Ambitious Insinuation is a gorgeous true red shade that reminds me of MAC Red but it has a much nice texture and applies so smoothly. Even on my dry, always chapped lips, it looks stunning and applies evenly without adhering to dryness. 
The formula is definitely much creamier on this comparatively and I can totally imagine myself wearing this a lot during the upcoming Thanksgiving and holiday season. 

111 - Sanguine Sigh
Sanguine Sigh is a warm toned rosewood color which looks like a darker toned version of 108- Visionary Breath on me. The obvious difference is that Sanguine Sigh applies more like a cream finish lipstick on my lips which I absolutely love, since my lips get dry as the day progresses. This is the shade I can not stop wearing because it works for all times of the day and it is neutral enough (for me) to go with every outfit! 

112 - Innocent Inhale 
If there is a shade that has my name all over it, it is this watermelon, bright, hot pink which instantly makes me look 10x happier and overall satisfied with my life! The texture is creamy and applies very smoothly on lips and you can see yourself how it covers up all the dryness on my lips - great for winters!!
Love how it brightens up my face, highlights my smile and adds a glow to my face. I do not even need eye makeup with this one! Highly recommend getting this shade. 

106 - Vigorous Whiff 
Getting some major Fall vibes with this beautiful dark maroon shade which has a true matte finish. It does tend to cling to the dryness on my lips but keeps my lips moisturized. I would totally be wearing more of this during the upcoming Fall season, as a dark, statement color like this works great with the earthy tones of my sweaters and wool coats. 
This shade also makes my skin look paler and my teeth whiter - so a hint of bronzer and a confident smile pairs this beautiful shade well :)

107 - Lighthearted Murmur
This cool toned light pink shade is a great option for days when you just want to hang out by the pool and relax with sunglasses on. This shade looks beautiful on my summer skin, and though it seems to apply a bit less evenly than the rest of the shades in the Velvet Whispers collections, I like how easy this color is to wear when I just want to dress up my lips without going overboard. I am wearing a single coat of Lighthearted Murmur in the swatches below and you might me able to see my pigmented lips peek through.

And there is the swatch collection, I encourage you to pin and share on your feed.

Overall I absolutely adore this collection. All shades are so wearable and there is a wide spectrum of color choices. You can always mix two colors together to get a custom shade. I do that a lot with the nude colors to tone down the darker shades. I am loving the creamy formulation and the fact that all of these colors are so pigmented, I only needed a single coat for all my swatches above!! They stay on all day long and do not transfer much on flatware or drinkware. As the day progresses they hold on to my lips like a stain and my lips feel smooth and hydrated when I have this on. I actually feel that my lips look better after I remove it - its truly moisturizing and I am absolutely loving it!
The packaging is so luxurious in a matte black case and I love the neat magnetic closure. Velvet Whispers Matt Lipsticks collection is made in Italy, is suitable for vegans and free for toxins like parabens and fragrances.  

You can get Velvet Whispers Matt Lipsticks from Rouge Bunny Rouge for €29.00 
Use code rbr-blogq3 for 20% off. Valid till October 31, 2020. 

What do you think about this collection? Which shades are your favorite?

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