February 27, 2019

LAURA MERCIER Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation in Golden 3W2 - Review and Swatches

I was really excited when I saw this new foundation on Sephora's website and since I am looking for a Spring foundation which needs to be dewy and fresh, I was naturally attracted to this. Also, it promises 15 hours of moisturization!! Like seriously! I need that stuffff!!! 
Now you know, I haven't had a great experience with Laura Mercier in the past because her products always break me out, I still wanted to try this out. I think I forgot my experience two years ago, when I tried the Flawless Fusion foundation and was left with itchy red spots on my face
Anyways, I tried the new foundation from Laura Mercier and I have a lot of swatches in this blog for you to compare it with my other foundation matches. Keep reading to find out if I like this one!

From the swatches below, you might be able to see that this foundation is very orange for me. I have comparative swatches below for you to see how the undertones of this differs from the foundations in my routine.

Apart from the shade being a little too golden for me, this foundation has a lovely creamy feel on skin. It blends flawlessly and adds a slight glow on skin that is very summery and youthful. It does not have any noticeable fragrance and its enriched with Vitamin C and mushroom extract for antiaging benefits. I absolutely loved how comfortable it feels on skin and I did not notice much oxidation either. May be the shade was already so orange for me, that I couldn't notice it deepening or oxidizing in anyway. It does promise to be long wearing and resist oxidation, so that might be true.
The thing that forced me to return it to Sephora, was that it broke me out pretty badly. I usually break out on my cheeks but after just one use, I had pimples on my forehead, chin, cheeks, basically all over. It also felt itchy, so I removed it after a couple of hours with a damp paper towel because I wasn't carrying any makeup wipes.
It saddens me to see another great foundation not working out for my skin type, but its definitely a lovely product packaging is a stunning glass pump bottle and matte gold lid. It is almost full coverage for me and it feels great on skin. I would recommend that if Laura's foundations have worked for you in the past, you give this one a go, as it lives up to its promises.
For the rest of you, with skin sensitivities, we will find something dewy, long wearing and moisturizing for us! I promise!

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