March 7, 2019

TANGLE TEEZER Wet Detangling Brush Review

Finally some bright sun in the morning and I couldn't miss the opportunity to catch up on my morning yoga with the sun on my face! I never knew how much I can cherish the heat filtering through the windows and warming up my entire living space. Its so calming and just what I needed to overcome all the travel related anxiety that is gradually seeping in and I am praying I stay calm till I get to the airport. 
It's always weird whenever we vacation for Spring Break, because our closets are full of warm clothes and jackets and all kinds of mitts and socks and suddenly I am shopping for tank tops and flip flops!! It drives me nuts because, firstly, I can't find it in stores and secondly if it is in stock, its not in our size or the colors are not what we want. I usually don't like to hit the malls as soon as I visit a place but it seems like that is my only option. 
So anyways,  I wanted to share this Wet Detangling Brush from Tangle Teezer with you all, especially those with long hair like me, because it can be stressful to brush out wet hair.  I usually do not brush my wet hair, but over time, I learnt that if I want to avoid heat styling, my best bet is to brush my hair when wet and brush again when damp and then after a few hours. Of course, wet hair is more prone to breakage, but with this brush, things are looking quite good!
I use this on my kids hair as well, because I never use a hair dryer on them and this keeps their hair looking smooth and frizz free.
More on this in today's blog!  

My kids hate brushing their hair because it always hurts them. I don't understand if its a childhood thing or just generally their hair is thinner, so there are more knots to brush out. Ever since I started using this brush, they have started to enjoy styling their own hair and can now brush their hair themselves. This brush is designed so perfectly, it keeps hair styled for longer even when no products are used.
I really like the bristles on this brush, they never pull hair and zero hair breakage! Unless my hair had texturing spray or other product previously. I use it on my wet and dry hair, because it's the only brush that removes static and frizz. It looks like a plastic brush but there is more science to it than meets the eye. It also comes in a blue color which my kids will absolutely love. They love brushing their hair with this after a shower and I love it too!
If you haven't tried this, you need to get one now. It is a game changer, at least for my family. :)

Get it from  or here for $17.99. You can also find out more about it at

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