December 10, 2018

LOREAL Stylista - Hair Smoothing Serum, Texturizing Spray, Heat Protective Primer, Defining Spray and Shaping Cream Wax Review

Today I am sharing some amazing hair products from Loreal Stylista available at London Drugs. They are easy to add to my hair styling routine and I am absolutely loving how they work for my hair. I have long hair that looks almost straight but I do get slight waves that I need to straighten out. I have been using the Heat Protective Primer and the Smoothing Serum almost every time I wash my hair and my hair looks great with a nice shiny bounce.  I will be sharing the details on each of these in today's blog, so keep reading...

SMOOTHING SERUM (200ml for $8.99)
This serum provides heat protection up to 230C (446 F) which is the highest setting on many hair straighteners. I apply a pump of this on my damp hair and then blow dry before straightening. It keeps frizz away and adds shine to my hair. Since it has castor oil and glycerin in the first five ingredients, it seems to weigh my hair down by the third day which also means that I must wash my hair. I usually wash hair three times a week, but when my hair looks silky straight, I regret washing them. May be its just me, but its always recommended to wash your hair every alternate day or when the hair gets dirty. 
The Smoothing Serum is also silicon free and enriched with acai fruit extract that makes my hair look fuller and static free. I absolutely love using this!

This alcohol free heat protectant is enriched with grapeseed oil for a natural looking shine. This primer makes my hair frizz free and keeps them looking fresh even after a workout. The texture of this feels the same as the Smoothing Serum and similarly, I apply this to my damp hair from lengths to ends and then blow dry. It protects hair from heat damage up to 230C and it has replaced my heat sprays completely. It doesn't have a strong scent, which I love!

I love using a texturizing spray especially when I am styling a high ponytail or a bun for special occasions. I usually do not go for the beach wave look, so I use this to keep my back-combing intact and to just add more volume to hair when needed.
To apply I simply shake the bottle and spray on dry hair. This silicon free texturizing spray is infused with salt for the beachy wind swept hair. However, this time of the year, I find myself doing a lot of backcombing and I feel that this adds the volume for the buns and also keeps the hairpins from getting loose.

I do not have curly hair but I love curling my hair. Curls instantly amps up the whole look but sometimes, curls can look lifeless, dry and too stuck together. This  defining spray adds shape and bounce to curly hair styles and also natural curls. I can use this on loose curls to add a little bounce to them and to reduce frizz. It's a really nice product to have on hand.

This alcohol free formula can be worked in to short hair for a flexible hold that lasts 48 hours! I obviously did not use this but the boys in my family loved it. It holds the hair without making them feel hard like gels can. Its easy to use and it adds a nice shine to hair.

Overall, this is a great line of hair products from Loreal Stylista and I love using these to style my hair. They are easily available and very affordable. My favorites are the Heat Protective Primer and the Smoothing Serum and these are the ones I use the most. Each of these products are available at London Drugs for $8.99 only!!

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