November 30, 2018

NARS Heartbreaker Palette for Holiday 2018 Review and Swatch

Hello lovelies,
December is almost here and that only means one thing - the holidays!! I love everything sparkly and festive and I am always so attracted to all the holiday beauty stuff so decided to give this NARS Heartbreaker palette a shot. Its a lovely blush palette which is also pretty good value for money. There are three cheek shades for the price of C$56 and its exclusively available at Hudson's Bay. Today I am sharing the swatches and my thoughts on whether this is the 'it' palette for me this season!

The Nars Heartbreaker Palette features three warm toned, matte and shimmer blush shades that complement medium to fair skintones. I absolutely love how wearable these shades are and each pan contains 3.5g of blush which is very good, compared to the fact that a single NARS blush in a 4.8g pan is for C$38 and in this palette I get three 3.5g blushes for C$56!
The shades included are: 
  • Luster (sheer golden apricot)
  • Orgasm (peachy pink w/ golden shimmer)
  • Amour (matte rose pink)
The packaging is stunning and very holiday appropriate, however, its not as bulky as it seems. This palette easily fits in the hand or in the makeup bag and the stud detailing on the top, never seems to take up as much space or weight, as I thought. Its a pretty handy, easy to carry and store palette. 


1. Luster
Described as a sheer golden apricot shade, I found it best to be applied on top of the matte blush to add some dimension. It is warm enough to be used on the high points of the face to get a bit of a beachy look, however, it's sheer so it never gives a bronzy look, but more like a 'tan glow' on the face. And who doesn't like a little bit of color during this cold weather. 
I found this formula easy to apply and blend on skin. I often felt that it appears only like a shimmer on face and needs some anchoring with a matte blush to display its full potential.
Its a nice highlight but not as intense as Becca's champagne pop nor like the MAC mineralize skin finish. For me it is a nice to have shade, definitely not a must have.
2. Orgasm
This rendition of the iconic NARS Orgasm can be best described as a major let down. Its the most stiff shade in this palette and I literally struggled to get it on my face. I have never had that experience with the NARS Orgasm and the golden shimmer barely shows up on skin. It is not as pigmented as I had expected and this was the only shade that literally was a heart breaker in this palette. Once applied, it did not last long - I  mean most NARS blushes last a full day on me but this did not help me at all.
3. Amour
The best shade and the one I absolutely love is Amour. I won't say its anything unique, because we all own a matte rose pink blush, but the pigmentation and formulation on this one was spot on. It lasted very long on my cheeks and is truly a NARS blush by all definitions. It looks lovely with a wash of Luster on top and that is how I have been using this palette for night time. It always feels like night time, with the sun setting at 4:30pm! Anyways, so Amour is my favorite out of all three, or shall I say its my amour! ;)

Overall, this is a lovely warm toned blush palette for light to medium skin tones which makes a good gift for any beauty lover. For me, I only love one shade, Amour,  from this palette and I feel that it might not be the best value for money for me. Especially because the formulation on the Orgasm blush is better in a single pan than the stiffer, harder to blend formula in this palette. Luster is a good to have shade for me, not a must have, so I wouldn't care for that. I would have preferred if there was something more intense, may be something a little darker like Laguna, or more shimmery like Ibiza to make this blush palette a heartthrob instead of a heartbreaker!
Let me know what you think about this in the comments below.

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