December 15, 2018

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Makeup and Skincare Review with Swatches

Around six or seven years ago, I was really in to natural makeup and tried so many mineral makeup brands and even shared some on this blog. Gradually, I moved away from that because they were mostly available only online and I could never be sure if I got the right shade nor were there enough online swatches. So, recently I came across Burt's Bees natural makeup line, which is available at London Drugs and almost all drugstores. I was so excited to try it out, because I love using natural products on my skin. Each of these products is 100% natural except the brow pencil which is 99.9% natural. 
A lot of you must already be using the Burt's Bees lip balm and so was I but I never explore the body care or the skincare products from Burt's Bees and I was missing out on a lot! I literally found  a solution to the eczema on my hands. I am also using the Hand Salve these days but will save that for another review.  
For review and swatches of Burt's Bees Natural Makeup collection, keep reading..


1. Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus (C$6.99 for 4.25 gm tube)
This is everyone's favorite lip balm and it is so readily available. It moisturizes my lips for over 8 hours, which basically means a full day and also adds a wash of color that is enough to replace a lipstick.
Last weekend, I had this lip balm on, when I was getting ready for a party and I literally forgot to put on a lipstick because the color from this lip balm looked so even and enough for the look I was going for. As soon as I checked my self one last time before stepping out of the car, I realized that I was only wearing a lip balm and no lipstick and I knew that this wont last a meal, or even a drink, and I wanted to cry but I was shocked that all my pics turned out great. Its a lipbalm that literally worked as a lipstick, or a lip color and now I am hooked. I seldom only wear this on weekdays, and I know its 100% natural so its much better than a lipstick anyways.

2. Satin Lipstick in Brimming Berry (C$9.99 for 3.4 gms)
This is a wonderful lipstick and very good quality for the price. Everytime, I use a lipstick I am a little scared of the ingredients that I might be eating up. This is formulated with mostly beewax, castor oil, glycerin and natural oils like moringa and raspberry seed oils. Its a very hydrating formula and also results in a lovely glossy sheen. 
The shade Brimming Berry is a sophisticated fuschia-berry shade that looks great on my medium skin tone. Its a great shade for evenings and a good break from the usual red lip that we all want for the holidays. 
This lipstick comes in 18 shades, so there is a lot to chose from. My next picks would definitely be more nude or natural looking shades, like, Blush Basin, Doused Rose or Sunset Cruise, that I can wear everyday without feeling worried about whats on my lips. The only concern thats on my mind is whether these lipstick would hold up during summers. 
Brimming Berry lasts over 5 hours on me and leaves  a stain as it fades or if I dab it off. I did not notice any feathering as well. 

3. Blush in Shy Pink (C$14.99 for 5.38gm pan)
This blush is formulated with bamboo, honey and vitamin E to nourish and hydrate the cheek area. It feels like a luxurious blush that blends like a dream. I can easily layer this on for more pigment and longevity. Even though a single swipe is good enough but I notice that it fades faster, like in an hour or so, unless I layer it on. Its still one of my favorite blush formulas and I never get any allergic reaction to this. 
The sad part is that this blush only comes in 3 shades and this is the only pink shade. I would love to see more colors in this formula because Burt's Bees has definitely nailed it. I would highly recommend this blush to anyone, who frequently reacts to some of the blushes.

What?! Squalane is the second ingredient!! You know how coveted that ingredient is in the beauty world!!
Love how much care is taken in producing this. I still keep this paper on top of my blush.

1. Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette (C$12.99 for this pencil)
This eyebrown pencil has hydrogenated jojoba oil as the first ingredient and is 99.9% natural which is great because the one place I want to protect from chemicals is my eyes. I haven't used this pencil much because the shade is slightly lighter than my brows and naturally my eye brows are pretty full so I rarely reach for it. It feels like a nice waxy, easy to work with product but I couldn't use it to its full potential. 

2. Nourishing Mascara 
This mascara gives so much volume to my lashes! Its like a 10x volume on my lashes and I love layering this, as it never clumps my lashes. I love the brush it comes with and when I run out of it, I will wash it and keep it to use with my other mascaras. The brush literally combs out all the clumps to give an instant lift and volume to lashes. 
It doesn't flake much but I have noticed some crumbs in my undereye area after 4-5 hours. The flakes easily brush off and never bake into my under eye concealer. That had happened with some of the high end mascaras I used recently. 
I love everything about this mascara especially the fact that its free of the harmful chemicals and its 100% natural! However, there is a down side. This mascara comes off with the slightest spray of water. It literally just melts off the eyelashes right on to my cheeks! I have never tried a mascara that washes off this quickly. Its kind of good that this mascara will come off with just water instead of sticking to the lashes forever, however, it makes it unsuitable to use when the weather is too humid, or rainy or even a slight drizzle. 
The mascara stays put perfectly throughout the day as long as I am indoors. But it doesn't go so well outdoors. I love using this for every day when I know I won't be engaging in much outdoor activities or when I know I am only running errands. I love how it looks and stays, but truly wished the formula was a little more resistant to water. 

Res-Q Ointment
This ointment is great for combating dryness and eczema. It healed the patches on my hands and I haven't stopped using it since I got it. It can be used anywhere on the body and I love it for heels and elbows as well. It comes in a travel size tin, which can easily slip in my makeup bag. If there is something in this post, I can't live without, it's this ointment.  
If you have patches of eczema on your body like me and you have  tried all the products you can that don't give a permanent relief,  then you must try it out. My eczema is not coming back anytime soon and I am happy that my hands are no long dry and itchy.


Overall, I like this collection and the fact that is so affordable and easily available. I love everything except the eye products. I can't wait to try more shades of the Satin Lipstick and I highly recommend you try this makeup line yourself and you will love it too!
Since its available at London Drugs, you can always find them at a discounted rate. It also makes a great holiday gift! 

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