October 24, 2017

b.liv Hydrate Away Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask Review

B.liv has always impressed me with their sheet masks, especially their Japan Silk Masks, so I was excited to try the new Bio-Cellulose Masks. My skin is quite sensitive these days, as the weather is changing and I have started to notice red spots all over my face. The dryness in Calgary is unreal and being a dry skin person, that means I have to immerse my skin in intensely hydrating products that work at a cellular level and do not clog pores.
b.liv Hydrate Away moisturizing bio-cellulose mask promises 15.6% increase in skin hydration level after 2 hours of single use and skin hydration level retains even after 4 hours. This moisturizing bio- cellulose mask is packed with revitalizing nutrients to hydrate, repair and clarify skin. I used these masks for the past couple of weeks and I feel my skin has improved significantly.
Keep reading for full review and before and after pictures...

Right out of the package and unfolded

The before...
That is what my weather beaten, dry skin looked like before using this mask.

Before using the b.liv Hydrate Away Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask

I love how this mask fits on my face, especially those eye flaps, which can be used for covering the eye. For this picture, I did not cover my eyes, because Halloween is still a week away and I didn't want to scare you today!

And after using this mask my skin seems to have calmed down significantly. It looks hydrated, smooth and radiant. I love this picture of my bare face (I have a tinted lip balm and mascara on and that's about it). 
Picture taken after 2 sheet mask applications  

B.liv Hydrate Away bio-cellulose mask is so hydrating and nourishing. From the first use, I felt a major difference in how supple and smooth my skin felt. It contains hyaluronic acid which can hold water 1000x of its weight and keeps skin hydrated, while promoting a youthful look. My skin looks well rested and radiant every time I use this mask. It also contains organic algae, that repairs skin and evens out skin tone and I can definitely see that working on me.
I like to use this mask every 3 days but you can use it as required. Its like an instant shot of hydration to my face. Its a very calming, hydrating mask that did not cause any skin irritation.
Using the bio-cellulose mask is much easier than other sheet masks because it is soaked in a gel like serum and the mask itself adheres very well to my face.  I can walk around the house with this mask on and it does not slip, nor does the serum drip!! The bio cellulose material firmly holds on to skin, to transfer all the goodness of the serum and has a cooling effect on skin.
This sheet mask is carefully wrapped in protective covering on both sides and I have to remove them before applying it to my face.  The bio-cellulose sheet mask did not tear while applying and stayed in its shape even after I removed it. I leave the mask on for 20 minutes and gently massage the remaining serum on my face. I apply the leftover serum (in the package) on my neck and hands, so every bit of this minerals and amino-acid rich serum, is used on my skin. The serum takes a few minutes to fully absorb in to skin and leaves my skin dry to touch. No sticky residue and there is no need to rinse.
My skin retains its hydration for much longer than 4 hours. I like to use this at night and even after I shower in the morning, I can still feel my skin plumped and smooth.
Overall, I love the entire experience and the results of using this mask.  It looks, feels and performs like a high end product but it's so affordable. You can get a pack of 4 masks for just $35. It is available at www.bliv.com
I highly recommend this to anyone who wants healthy skin that looks youthful and feels amazingly smooth, hydrated and moisturized.

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