November 2, 2017

INFINITI PRO by Conair METÁ e METÁ (Half & Half) Curl Secret - Review

The ultimate hair styling tool from Infiniti Pro by Conair is here!! Add this to your holiday wish list right now, because this is the only tool you will ever need to style your hair. Trust me, after reading this you will have a sudden urge to get it right away and for all the good reasons. I curl and straighten my hair on a daily basis and Metá e Metá makes it so much easy and fuss free. I usually like to straighten the top section of my hair and curl from mid section to the ends and being able to do everything with one tool, is life changing!! 
It has three heat settings and I can select the direction of my curl which is awesome!  Its such an amazing product and I am so happy to share it with you today!

The new Metà e Metà (Half & Half)™ Curl Secret™ is an innovative new hair styling tool from Conair Infiniti Pro that helps create curls, waves or super straight hair with one device. The curling chamber creates waves for days while the straightening plates create super sleek chic hair effortlessly. With an advanced brushless motor and high heat this tool achieves professional salon results at home.

So impressed with the three heat settings, as I love to straighten at about 385F which is close to the medium setting on Metá e Metá and for curls I like to go up to 450F which is the highest heat setting. I can choose what direction I would like my curl to be and the curls created by the ceramic coated curling chamber are shiny, frizz free and last for days! Even the smoothing plates are ceramic coated and they straighten without the dead straight flat look. My hair still looks like my hair and not a wig. They are shiny and full of volume even after straightening. 

Whats in the box?

You get the METÁ e METÁ (Half &Half) Curl Secret, a heat pad, instruction booklet and styling guide. Its very important to go through the booklet and the styling guide before using and keep them with you for reference. METÁ e METÁ is quite simple to use, once you get used to curling/smoothing with it. I already own a Curl Secret, so I did not need to practise as such, but if its your first time then please keep it handy.
Always use the heat pad because METÁ e METÁ gets hot on both sides and it is best to protect your surfaces. Its a pretty safe device and it has so many safety features, like the Sleep Mode that turns down the heat to the lowest setting if device is not in use for over 20 minutes and the Auto Shut Off feature which automatically turns off the device after 60 minutes of continuous use.

Infiniti Pro Conair Meta e Meta - Whats in the box?

If I wish to curl my hair I need to set the Metá e Metá to the 'Wave Mode' as shown in the pic below. Then I select the direction of my curl e.g on the left side of my face I choose to go with 'clockwise' curls and when I curl the hair at the back of my head I select 'alternate' curl option. There is a light to indicate what direction I have chosen. 
I usually set the heat setting as soon as I turn it on. Heat setting is also color coded which makes it much easy to know how hot the device is. The lowest heat setting has a green light, medium heat (395°F) is orange light and highest heat (450°F) is red. 
It has a 12 second timer that beeps to let you know when its time to release the curl. It takes the guess work out of styling, as long as I comb my hair before hand. 
One thing to remember is that if I am curling my hair, then the curling chamber must be facing towards my face, or it wont curl. 


Once I select the straightening mode and the heat setting I can start smoothing out my hair. The straightening plates must be facing towards my face or it will not straighten. Then I the take a section of my hair and place it in the Metá e Metá as instructed on the styling booklet included in the box.
Once it draws in the hair, I gently slide the Metá e Metá away from my face. It releases smooth, shiny hair. Its so quick and easy to do as compared to writing the process down.

That is me posing proudly with my Infiniti Pro Metá e Metá Curl Secret.
I love how my hair looks - its shiny, voluminous and natural looking. I used the highest heat setting for curls because my hair is slightly on the thicker side. If you have thinner hair than try the lowest or medium setting first to see what works best for you. I did not use a finishing spray to hold my curls because I like the look of loose curls. I can get tighter curls, if I twist my hair a little before allowing it in the curling chamber. Its an amazing tool and I can't get enough of it. 

Infiniti Pro by Conair METÁ e METÁ (Half &Half) Curl Secret is a must have this holiday season. It is a fuss free way to style hair and the results speak for themselves. Its a well made, great looking product that is made with safety in mind. I haven't burnt any finger tips nor did I need to wear gloves to use this, like I do for my curling wand. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves to have fun with their hair.

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