October 19, 2017

YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain in NU INTERDIT and GRENAT NO RULES - Review and Swatches

This revolutionary matte liquid lip stain from YSL promises tattoo like color that feel light on lips, high color impact and 8 hours of wear time. I was so delighted to get my hands on these because I was craving a non drying matte lipstick. My lips are just as dry (or more) as my skin and I would get anything that makes them look better. My usual picks are cream/satin finish formulas but I love the look of matte lips. There is something alluring about a matte lip - its powerful, mature and exudes a feeling of self satisfaction. Like 'I am not asking for attention with my shiny lips' kind of look. And I have been looking for shades that work for my skin tone and feel great on lips but most of the shades I liked were always out of stock. Even when I was at Sephora, swatching all of these shades in the Tatouage line, I loved the shade called No. 16 - Nude Emblem and it was out of stock of a full month. I had to give up and get something I felt I could use over the holiday season. The best thing about these lip stains is that they are so hydrating and feel so comfortable on lips. They might not be not completely matte and I have to layer for extra pigment because its a lip stain after all not a liquid lipstick. Will be talking more on this with tons of swatches to show.
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This is a beautiful rusty red shade and looks great on my warm skin tone. It brightens up my face and looks festive. Its something I would love to wear on a special occasion or I could pair it with a neutral outfit. Its definitely not as impactful as a red lip but this is a good option if you would like to try something different. Its a unique shade for me. I always shy away from orange toned reds but this looks like a nice option.
The texture is creamy and quite reminiscent of the Vinyl Cream Lip Stains and it applies smoothly on lips. I got a nice even coat on the first application and had to layer on for a fuller coverage. The first coat however looks more matte than a full coverage 2 coat swatch.  You can see in the swatch below that it does not look matte and the finish on me, was more satin than matte. That is disappointing because I was specifically looking for a matte look and I think this shade would look amazing if it was completely matte.
I love this new applicator! It makes it so much easier to line the lips first and then fill it in. It takes me a more time to do my lips but thats okay for a red/deep lip color. I always spend a little extra time in lining my lips when I wear a darker lip.
It lasted a fairly good time on me but I had to reapply after eating. Its still a wonderful product and it doesn't fade completely as the stain stays on lips. I still like it but its not really the liquid matte I expected.

9 - Grenat No Rules Swatch

9 - Grenat No Rules Swatch

This shade is described as a medium nude. For me, it was more like a pink nude shade that looked more cool toned than I expected. It is a nice shade for a smokey eye look and I would wear it at night in yellow/dim lights. But in broad day light, it made me look too washed out and my pigmented lips would still peek through it. I did not like this shade at all. 
However, the texture is spot on and perfectly matte on this one. It looks exactly how I expected a matte lip to look like. I layered on 3 coats for the swatches below and you can still see my pigmented lips. Its definitely not the right nude for me. I am dying to try No.16 Nude Emblem and I am waiting for it to get back in stock at Sephora. 
In the mean while, I will most likely return this shade because I can't make it work. The texture is hydrating but the application is patchy on me.  

7 Nu Interdit Swatch

7 Nu Interdit Swatch

Grenat No  Rules and Nu Interdit swatches on hand
Overall, I really like this line up from YSL. The Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain is hydrating and lasts over 5 hours on me. It fades nicely and the shades can be build up to a full coverage. It looks like a lipstick on me than a stain which I love. I love the shade Grenat No Rules which is a dark orange-red shade. I think Nu Interdit did not work for my skin tone may be because of my neutral-warm undertones... I don't know. I would still like to try out the shades because I love this texture of this product and the new stiff, fuzzy applicator. It feels so smooth and moisturizing on my dry lips - they don't look dry at all with this on.

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