October 13, 2017

Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Body Butter Review

The Bee Lovely Body Butter from Neal's Yard Remedies is not only an essential for nourishing dry skin, it also instills a feeling of hyyge. The coziness from the scent of honey and orange and the warmth of massaging it all over is so relaxing and an experience I truly enjoy. Its the little pleasures of life that satiate us, makes us happier and that feeling amplifies when this product helps in saving the bees.
I love that I need just a small amount of body butter to cover my arms or legs after a bath. And that soothing warm scent of honey and oranges is just what I seek on these cold autumn days.
Bee Lovely Body Butter is made with organic honey and orange oil and is free from mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or colors.
More on this in today's review...

This creamy body butter is easy to apply and quickly absorbs in skin. Its the ONLY body butter that does not leave my skin feeling greasy. A little goes a long way and the texture is just right for applying it all over skin. I never have to wipe off excess because it sinks right in to skin  and leaves a delicate sweet orange fragrance behind. The scent is soothing and not over whelming at all. I love this calming scent!
This 89% organic body butter also helps save the bees. The Bee Lovely products from Neal's Yard Remedies are made from ethically sourced organic ingredients and every sale of  Bee Lovely All Over Balm creates a home for over 500 bees!
It feels amazing to use products that are created with high quality ingredients and are cruelty free and good for  us and the environment.
Overall, I love using the Bee Lovely Body Butter. It makes my skin soft and smooth. All the organic ingredients promise that there is no harm in using it on skin. I even use it on my toddler. Its an amazing product and a must have for the cold, dry weather ahead.

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