November 25, 2016

Caudalie Mask Trio (Instant Detox Mask, Glycolic Peel and Moisturizing Mask) Review

This is the only skincare item I purchased from Sephora during the VIB sale and I am extremely pleased with this set. It features my favorite mask Caudalie Instant Detox Mask along with two mini masks for C$45. I love a good quality glycolic peel and Caudalie never disappoints. Honestly, I was just keeping myself away from skincare products because my skin was so sensitive during Summers and the dryness that came with the Fall weather made it worse. I literally had cracks on my hands and everything would break me out - even sliding my turtlenecks down my face would give me zits. So, the only brand I could trust is Caudalie - with  0% of major skin irritants and toxins and this set is good for all skin types, even sensitive skin!

  1. 75 ml Instant Detox Mask
  2. 15 ml Glycolic Peel
  3. 15 ml Moisturizing Mask



This clay mask is designed to detox and purify the pores instantly. It is described to work similar to a vacuum that would suck up accumulated toxins from clogged pores to revitalize and invigorate the complexion. It really does work. I was so scared of exfoliating my skin because I feared it would result in break outs and wanted something gentle yet effective, so this mask came at the right time. I have not have any acne ever since I started using this and there is a remarkable difference in my T-zone. It has definitely improved the texture of my skin. I did use the Glycolic Mask in combination with this just because I wanted to test it out to. So that may have helped achieve better results.

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask is enriched with grape marc to detoxify, pink clay and coffee to clarify, and papaya enzymes for a boost of immediate radiance. Its recommended to apply a thin layer of this mask on face and leave it on for 5-10 min . I use this mask twice a week and only at night time. I feel that masks work better if I use them at night. It's just a preference I guess. Since this is a clay based mask, pink clay to be specific, it would dry completely and tighten the skin within 10 minutes. I take it of using a damp washcloth and then rinse with warm water followed by a final rinse with cold water to close pores. I wake up to fresher looking skin and there is nothing more satisfying than watching my skin recover. Love this mask!

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This gift set features only 15ml of the Glycolic peel mask which should last about 4 uses. I have only use this mask once and I plan to use this once a week. I love Glycolic peels and I have used quite a few of them in the past and then discontinued using them altogether because I felt they stripped off too much from my skin. Despite the benefits, I wasn't willing to lose the natural oils in my skin and my skin was getting more and more sensitive by the day and add the summer sun to the equation.. you get dark spots!
Having said that let me assure you that  Caudalie's Glycolic Peel is much milder and it is definitely not as effective in treating dark spots as others on the market. However, I do respect the fact that it is gentle. May be it works slow and with regular use it may show results.
I have only used this once and I had mixed feelings. It left my skin very dry just like any other peel would do. I missed the 'radiance' I get instantly after using a glycolic peel. I just felt it did not do the magic instantly. I will continue using this once a week to see if it clarifies my complexion.
Will it work for me? Its a toss up for now.

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This is a hydrating mask that promises to quench dehydrated skin for a youthful dewy glow. It is enriched with vinolevure to strengthen and soothe, grape seed oil to nourish, and hyaluronic acid to moisturize. I love anything with hyaluronic acid, however, I found this mask to be  a bit misleading. Its a creamy mask that soaks in to skin in 15 minutes and I can leave it on over night after removing excess or I can rinse it off and then apply another night cream? Will too much moisturizing break me out again? I am too cautious to over apply creams on my skin.
The truth is I love rinsing my skin before going to bed. I have used this only once and I don't think I love it but I can definitely try this mini mask again and see how I feel. I can't say if it really works because I love my night creams and I don't see how I can replace them with a hydrating 'sleeping mask'? I am confused. Will update you later. May be I will love it in the future, who knows? haha
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So overall, I loved this set mainly because it has a full size of the Instant Detox Mask and two mini masks which I am still in the process of discovering and may be I will love them enough to buy full sizes. All the products are high quality and suitable for all skin types. They are full of antioxidants and ingredients that have proven results. I love Caudalie products because they are good enough for vegans, free from toxins and they are cruelty free! Each mask smells amazing, and they make me feel like I am in a Spa!!
I love that all of this comes in a nice gift packaging, perfect for the holiday season and gifting. If you missed the 20% Sephora sale please remember that the $20 off $50 might just be around the corner. The coupon came in mail on December 2nd last year, so it may be in our inbox after the Black Friday sale. Don't you just love Sephora sales and how they keep us hooked.  

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