December 4, 2016

YSL Couture Palette in Afrique 03 Review and Swatches

I just finished packing all my makeup for vacation and I realized I have used this eye palette enough to share my review with you. We have just started to see snow in Calgary and it actually feels NICE, despite my strong dislike for the baggage that comes with snow (slushy roads, icy sidewalks, wet boots, gravel hitting the wind shield of my car and so on).
I swatched this palette in Sephora and I was immediately drawn to it. It has really beautiful warm neutrals. I was actually looking for the newer Couture Palettes: Nude Contouring and Rosy Contouring but I couldn't decide if those colours would work for me. I love hassle free makeup, however, I do lightly contour my face and eyes, so I wanted something with a good balance of colors - some light, some dark, some matte and some shimmer. 
While swatching eyeshadows, a store assistant started to help me out and she confirmed that this palette will look great on my skin tone and eyecolor. I love it when I find a enabler in situations like this <3 I did like all the colors and the texture felt so smooth, I couldn't wait to start using it. So I bought this dream palette and now its a staple in my makeup routine. I love these shades because although they look shimmery they are not over the top and childish, they look very sophisticated and help me achieve a variety of looks. 
Keep reading for swatches and review.

The swatches below where taken at ISO 6400 and ISO 400 and they look like different skin tones! You can see that it's not over the top glittery. They are shimmers but just enough to brighten up the eye. The lighter shades (from left: 3rd and last shades) seems a little more shimmer than the other three. 
I love the dark mauvy brown for the outer edges of the eye and then I lightly sweep it in the crease of the lid for a more defined and contoured look. I usually layer the first two shades (brown and pink) on the lids and the lighter shades for highlight. 
There are no real rules when using a nude palette because you really can't go wrong! If you still need help, there is a little guide included in the packaging for newbies.

Overall, this is my dream eyeshadow palette!
The eyeshadows are buttery, silky, smooth and pigmented. I never used them with a primer and they last all day on my lids. This palette is so easy to use, I could do my eyes in less than 5 minutes! And I do use the applicators provided because they do a great job. I know nobody likes sponge tip applicators, but they are my favorite especially, because I am always on a run. I am not even joking this palette is easy.  I do not need to plan out my look- all the shades complement each other and they look beautiful and sophisticated. It's the kind of look I love to wear every single day.
And just look at that slim gold packaging. YSL impresses me with every product I try and I would love to discover more products to fall in love with.
YSL Couture Palette in Afrique 03 is available at Sephora for C$68

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