November 7, 2016

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-Stick in 43 Rose Rive Gauche Review and Swatches

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I slept quite late last night because I was catching up on Quantico and O.M.G. what a gruesome episode it was! There is way too much violence in this season as compared to Season 1 which was all about mind games and putting the puzzle together. I decided yesterday, that I am not gonna watch it anymore. Its not a good show for me.

Anyways, so the weather in Calgary was so amazing this weekend!! (..lets talk about the weather cuz I am getting flash backs from last episode's murder scenes)
I went to Sephora and had a look at everything I wanted to buy and decided what I will purchase next weekend on the VIB Sale event.  Its from Nov 11-14th and you can get 20% off everything if you are a Sephora VIB! 
Its not a usual thing for me because I usually plan online but I happened to be in the mall and I enjoyed planning my beauty haul. So next weekend is the time to stock up on my favorite things; one of which is this beautiful lipstick from YSL (say ee-sau-le-ron three times :D)
Its the Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick lipstick and I think this was launched for spring this year. I definitely did not consider this one because I had the Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo, which is almost the same product. A lot more pigmented may be. Or I might have to try the darker shades of Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick lipstick. 
So the shade I picked is No. 43- Rose Rive Gauche. I googled and Rive Gauche is the southern bank of the river Seine in Paris. So it's probably inspired by the roses of Rive Gauche. I don't know for sure. Its described as a smoky rose and I would say its an adorable shade for everyday use as well as for any time of the day. Its a gorgeous shade of pink and in the swatches you will see how amazing the formula is. Yes! This time, there are swatches for formula!

The swatch below is a single swipe of the lipstick and I love it when the first swipe comes out this smooth and even in pigmentation. It applies smoothly too but on my pigmented lips and the sheer formula takes some time to settle in.

Here's YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-Stick in 43 Rose Rive Gauche on my lips and you can zoom to see that it clings to all the dryness on my lips and looks patchy and my darker lips can be seen through it. Not a great look for me. However all that changed within a few minutes.. see below
So after about 3-5 minutes this shade settled quite beautifully on my lips. I can no longer see my pigmented lips and also the shade just brightens up a little bit to a smoky rose color as opposed to what it looked like in the picture above.
I used the lipstick straight from the tube to apply and look how nicely is sits around the edges of my lips. I was quite surprised and happy because when I applied it on my lips I was like "there is no way I am paying $40 for a tinted lip balm" but within minutes my opinions changed. Even my husband complimented me, which is pretty rare, especially on makeup.
Overall, I love it. Its soooo natural looking, soooo light weight and it did leave a stain on my lips after 5 hours. Then I had a meal and it was gone. However, it stayed pretty nicely on my lips for a sheer lipstick or an oil based lipstick. My lips felt smooth, moisturized and no more flakes! It has a delicious mango scent and claims on Sephora's website that these "are good enough to eat"!! Also it is formulated with 65% oils. Some of the noteworthy ingredients are hyaluronic acid (my favorite) and pomegranate extract and rosemary. Its definitely a good quality product and it performs.

I love this lipstick so much, that this is in my Sephora shopping list because I know I will go through the tube quickly. I have also decided to buy another shade called Nude in Private. Its a warm beige shade and I am hoping to like it too.

Full points for being moisturizing, lightweight, full coverage and decent pigmentation and that gorgeous YSL packaging is to die for.

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