May 11, 2016

VICHY NORMADERM - 3 Step Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin Review

I have been dealing with acne for quite some time now and I can only wonder why I did not think about using a complete anti-acne regimen. Having so many amazing skincare products that help with complexion, skin's texture and radiance; I always thought my acne would automatically vanish and my skin would be as good as before. This was also because my acne is never consistent  until recently when things got a little out of control. That's when VICHY Normaderm came to rescue. 
I am so happy to have found this solution to adult acne. VICHY Normaderm definitely lives up to expectations. For full details and review keep reading. 

Today my skin looked so much better as all the acne dried up completely. I have been using this 3-step system by VICHY Normaderm for almost 3 weeks now. However, during my California trip, I stopped using the Corrective Anti Acne Treatment, because I thought I am done with acne and I can go back to my beauty oils. But I was so wrong. I got acne again and just a week after using these products, my acne dried out completely. Now I do have acne marks and blemishes that I am working on and hoping they would clear out soon.

Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel 
This non drying gel cleanser works so well on skin. It removes excess oil and impurities and leaves skin feeling clean and fresh. Its designed to work with acne prone skin and is safe for sensitive skin types. Its formulated with Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and LHA to deeply cleanse skin. These ingredients unclog pores, have antibacterial properties and keep skins surface smooth while preventing future break outs.
I loved this soap free, alcohol free cleanser. Its definitely a keeper.

Normaderm Pore-Tightening Lotion

I am picky about my toners, because they hugely affect how my skin feels throughout the day. This one just did not meet my expectations. Its a good toner, but I was expecting a "matte effect on skin" as promised by the label. It does a great job at  preventing breakouts and tightening pores, however, my skin looked shiny and a little oily later in the day.
Its formulated with the same key ingredients as the Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel, so it works well with the regimen. Its just not the toner for me, I guess. Now I use another toner after cleansing my skin with the Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel and then follow with the Corrective Anti Acne Treatment. 

Normaderm Corrective Anti Acne Treatment

If there is any acne treatment I can swear by it is this! The Corrective Anti Acne Treatment works fast and dries out acne like a miracle. I love this treatment because its fast acting and make skin feel smooth and hydrated all day long. I could go on with my makeup and it does not affect the longevity of makeup or make my skin oily. Its the perfect face cream and I use it day and night. I used it on cold days, windy days and hot days and let me tell you that this WORKS no matter what the weather is and how bad the acne is.
I had a huge cystic acne on my cheek and this treated it within a week. Its completely dried now but I do have the acne mark, which I am hoping will take some time to go. In the meanwhile, this treatment prevents further break outs so my skin looks so much better and smoother, without tiny bumps everywhere.  

Must try if you are suffering from adult acne.

Overall, I would highly recommend all three of these products from VICHY. The Normaderm line has amazing products for acne prone skin and having experienced this 3 -step system I can only say that if you are suffering from adult acne, try this out and you will see results. 
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