June 17, 2014

TRIND Moist & Shiny Kit Review

I had been packing my stuff and then unpacking it, and all of that work wreaks havoc on my nails. Thank goodness that Trind Moist and Shiny Nail Treatment Kit, kept my nails strong enough to prevent breakage even when I expect it the most. Although, I am no more a fan of longer nails, but I would want my natural nail to look shiny and healthy. The trio in this little box makes little wishes come true :)

This is the first step to shiny nails. It has biotine as an active ingredient along with other natural moisturizers that instantly hydrate nails. Its also pretty quick absorbing (at least on my weak and dry nails)
I apply this to clean and dry nails and let it sit for around 2 minutes. It does absorb by that time, but if there is excess, I massage and rub it off. I do this every single morning and night and whenever I can, during the day. This product alone, has helped my nails significantly. I follow with the Nail Repair for an instant shine and also to lock the balsam on nails.

This is usually the second step for me, but I often use it just to keep my nails from breaking or splitting. Its a lot like a base coat and has to be removed with nail polish remover, if I have to apply Nail Balsam.

This is the final step to keep nails looking healthy and to promote production of natural moisture. Although, I always buffed my nails before manicure of make it last longer, I never knew that it could stimulate healthy nail growth! 
On my clean and dry nails (free from Balsam or Nail Repair), I use the black side of this Buffer, to gently remove the top layer of nail. Then I use the white side to polish the nail. Buffing and polishing makes nails look shinier and helps it in growing healthier.  I do this once a month only.

I have been regularly using this kit for 2 months now and I am confident that this is a high quality product that works! Love the Nail Balsam. I highly recommend buffing nails for a better nail growth.
You can find out more about these products at TRIND NATURAL NAIL CARE Website and you can purchase this from Skin StoreSpaBoutique, The Shopping Channel and Nail Polish Canada for CA$48

Hope you enjoyed this review! :)

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