June 16, 2014

BC HAIRTHERAPY by Schwarzkopf Professional's NEW Hair Heroes!!

Schwarzkopf Professional recently launched the new BC Hairtherapy range, featuring the innovative cell perfector technology that makes hair conditioned, healthy and beautiful! I luckily got a chance to try out the new hair heroes from the BC Hairtherapy range which includes the best products from each line. I currently have four of them to share with you today. 

The products in this line are formulated with Hyaluronic Acid Derivate for normal to dry hair.
There are two products from the Moisture Kick line, namely the Beauty Balm and the Moisture Kick Treatment. 

Color Freeze products contain reactive silane for color-treated and bleached hair. The hero product is the Color Freeze Gloss Serum

Smooth Perfect line is formulated with amino smoothener for unruly, coarse hair. The hero product from this line is the Smoothing Cream

In case you are wondering what on earth is the Cell Perfector Technology, then here's an excerpt for you:

"Cell Perfector Technology: BC HAIRTHERAPY’s new CELL PERFECTOR technology that works on perfecting both hair surface and hair structure. In its natural, virgin state, hair has a lipid protection layer which consists of molecules with a chain of 21 carbons. External stress, chemical treatments or use of heat styling devices harm the hair surface, eroding that molecule chain. Until now, hair care technologies could only recreate chains of up to 12 molecules, but the CELL PERFECTOR technology in the new BC HAIRTHERAPY refills gaps in the hair’s surface with chains of 18 carbons! This milestone in care performance by BC HAIRTHERAPY brings your hair closer than ever to natural perfection. Simultaneously, within each strand, the technology acts to rebuild the structure of the hair with hair-identical amino-acids chains. The result is a completely unprecedented experience as hair is renewed with strength, elasticity and shine."


Finally I have a BB Cream for hair!! Lalallalala! This product is really all that I would need for shiny, frizz free hair. It hydrates hair and provides heat damage protection, giving a healthy looking shine. I apply this to damp hair and simply blow dry on a high setting. It can't be easier than that!

I have only used this three times and I love how soft and moisturized my hair feels after washing and drying, but I find it cumbersome to use at home.
This has to be applied to towel dried hair, left in for 5-10 minutes and then rinsed off completely. This process is more apt for salon, but if you suffer from very dry and damaged hair, you may wanna go an extra mile with this. It works for my hair, but hard for me to use regularly.

Ahhh!! This is my favorite product!! I am already thinking about stocking up on this. It gives such a nice shine to hair and also promises to reduce split ends. All you have to do is apply this sparingly to the lengths of your hair and leave in. It makes hair much smoother to comb so there is less breakage while combing or brushing. Love it!

This is really my least favorite since, it makes my hair frizzy. Although it promises to smooth out frizz, it seems to do the opposite to me. I apply this to towel dried hair and then heat style. The first two days, my hair looks frizzy and then the third day magic happens and it looks manageable and shiny and just like how I would want it to be.
But wait! It leaves white residue in my hair, that shows up on third day!! So I guess this isn't for me.


Hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Wanna try this? The new BC HAIRTHERAPY is available from MAY 2014 in Schwarzkopf Professional Partner Salons.
For further information on the new BC Hairtherapy Care Range & Hero Products, please visit www.schwarzkopf-professional.ca, and download the Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expert App for expert advice, product information and salon finder.

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