May 30, 2014

SkinEnvy Sugar & Beeswax Strips and Smoothing Spray Lotion

Finally, it feels like summers!! 'Tis the perfect time for waxing ;D Seriously, how many of us wax during chilly winters? At least I don't. SkinEnvy is the newest wax in my 'wax strips' collection and I have several reasons to prefer it over my Veet and Parissa wax strips. SkinEnvy is a newly launched for this Summer by FarleyCo! Lets find out more...

Inside the SkinEnvy box are 30 strips, 4 finishing wipes and instruction manual.
The wax is so transparent, and I like the length of plastic on the top and bottom of the strip, that helps in getting a good grip while waxing.
Here are the instruction, which is the same as every other wax strip. There's nothing complicated.
SkinEnvy Sugar and Beewax Strips are very easy to use. I hate it when I warm my wax strip and as soon as I pull it open, it curls up and creates a big mess! This does not do that, which is the best thing ever.  I also noticed that my wax lasted much longer with this. I think over two weeks and then I began to see a few hair propping up. There was much less hair breakage too.
I am new to this brand and I am so happy that this works great, the first time! You can get this from FarleyCo for CA$15.99 for this 30 strips pack. It comes with a money back guarantee too!! Here's a link to this product:

I had actually never used a smoothing lotion after wax. All I did, was to simply use a finishing wipe and that was it. But ever since I used this, I realized what a difference it can make to my skin, after waxing.
This made my skin so smooth and touch-ably soft...I can't even tell how baby soft it felt. I also experienced much less redness, so I assume, its also soothing, along with smoothing...
This Smoothing Spray Lotion  is infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E and is paraben free (yeayy). I just spray this directly on clean skin, that is, after I wipe off all the excess wax using the finishing wipes. It squirts out a bit of lotion and I massage that on skin and a little goes a long way. Ultimate recipe for smooth soft skin!

You can purchase this from FarleyCo for CA$10.99 for 110ml. Here's a directlink to this product:

Hope you enjoyed finding out about these new products from SkinEnvy!

Have a great weekend!

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