June 17, 2014

New from Serious Skincare! Phyto Pumpkin Facial Scrub and Serious-C Beyond Serum Intensive

Hey guys!
Here are two new products from Serious Skincare that I am currently using. The first one is Serious-C Beyond, which is an intense Vitamin C serum and the second one is a limited edition Phyto Pumpkin Facial Scrub for Fall/Holiday 2014!! 
Let's dig in.. 

This acid free, gel like facial polisher works to exfoliate dead and dulling skin cells and is ideal for ALL skin types. It contians pumpkin seed oil and almond oil to help condition and soothe skin. It can be used 2-3 times a week, since its acid free and does not over dry skin.
This scrub smells sooo good!! Ever since I started using this, I am hooked. Its very gentle, yet effective. It feels like a sugar scrub that starts to dissolve on my damp face and works smoothly on skin. This is completely non drying and makes my skin feel soft and plump. Love this pumpkin scrub.

Phyto Pumpkin Facial Scrub is making its appearance this Fall and will be in limited quantities, however, Serious Skincare has SUPERSIZED the offer! It now comes in a 8.8 oz jar. I only need a small quantity for my entire face, so the 8.8oz jar should last me months!

SERIOUS-C BEYOND SERUM INTENSIVE (Morning Serum and Evening Serum)
Beyond is an intense serum treatment to achieve radiance, elasticity and even skin tone. It has a Morning Serum and an Evening Serum. Both can be applied directly on clean and dried skin and gently massage to absorb. I can use my regular skincare products with this, so its an easy addition to my skincare routine.
I have been using this regularly for only a week, and I can already see that it is non greasy and is not breaking me out. For the full results, I have to use it consecutively for 60 days! I shall update you guys on this sometime in August. So stay tuned! :)

When you open the pack, you see two bottles of morning and evening serum each, and two glass droppers.

Directions are clearly stated at the back..

Just took off the shrink wraps off those bottles. The Evening serum seems to be leaking. Guess, it isn't as travel friendly...

Then, you can remove the screw caps, it comes with, and fit in these flashy looking glass droppers!

Yeayy..good looking bottles, they are!!

I am quite excited about these products and if you wanna get on to the radiant skin band wagon with me, hop on to HSN or The Shopping Channel and grab these beasts!!
Phyto Pumpkin Facial Scrub will be available on HSN in the United States starting September 5th and on The Shopping Channel in Canada in October. 
You can purchase Serious C Beyond Serum Intensive from HSN for a value deal of $69.99 and TSC with a bonus product for CA$ 79.99. 

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