January 28, 2014

The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Wash Review and Photos

This is my husband's favorite facewash. He has oily and acne prone skin and he totally loves this facewash... so when my skin started freaking out, I decided to use this facewash to keep things in check. Did this help me getting a clearer skin? Lets find out..

This facewash has a gel kind of consistency and works really well on skin. I used this for about two weeks, ever since I got acne and I did almost every thing I could, to keep it in check. Talk about asprin mask, honey and cinnamon wash, even alcohol swabs! I did whatever I could to get rid of acne. I already have dry skin, did not have my favorite Nuetrogena's cleanser somewhere in the vanity and most of my husband's acne products make my skin even worse. So I sticked to whatever natural home remedies I could think off and thankfully my acne gave up! haha!
So this is the facewash I used at night time because I really can't sleep without washing my face with a good cleanser. It promises to be a refreshing gel to remove impurities, makeup and excess oil. Everytime I used it, I never felt like it over dried my skin. It cleansed my skin without stripping off skin's natural oils.
It did help me in keeping my skin clean and refreshed. I don't think it cured my acne but it definitely did keep it from growing any more.

I feel this is gonna be my new favorite facewash after Tea Tree ones from The Body Shop. It retails for $13 for 100ml.  I would recommend this, as it gives a nice, clean and refreshing feeling to my skin, without overdrying it. Find out more over here

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