January 5, 2014

NARS Blush in Outlaw - Swatches and Review

Today I am gonna be sharing my new favorite blush from NARS! Its called Outlaw and its such a gorgeous shade. It looks lovely every time I wear it, no matter what time of the day it is. Its a great blush but its not flawless! Lets find out more...


Aren't those swatches really a treat? :)

Well, lets begin with how I got it. So, I just hopped in to Sephora, thinking about a reddish blush. I had Chanel in mind but the NARS counter was just right on the entrance and I had to check out the blushes. So I just swatched almost all the blushes and with Outlaw, I was like, woahhhh that is some serious pigment!

I always fear that the 'totally gora brands' like YSL, Chanel etc, are never gonna show up on me and I need products that have some color in them so I could customize how light or dark I want it on my skin. This is one of the things many medium complexion girls struggle with (many I know off..). And especially the blushes are either tooo dark or too light. Anyhow..!

NARS Outlaw is described as a soft rose with golden shimmer. To me, its more of a brick red color with golden shimmer that blends to give a nice reddish flush to cheeks. It has some plum undertones that really don't show up much. As you can see that it is predominantly red in most of the swatches.

It has a ton of pigment so I lightly dust off excess from my brush before applying on my cheeks. The coverage is buildable, which is ideal for me, so I could build up the color for night time or keep it soft and natural for daytime looks.  It has a gorgeous golden shimmer that looks soo amazing on my warm skin tone. I like the texture of it. It never applies patchy. Even when it fades, it doesn't look patchy.

But as I said, this is a great blush but its not flawless so lets talk about the negatives. I was so disappointed to see how quickly the golden shimmer fades off. I think it stays on for just 3 to 4 hours and after which it appears more like a matte blush. So a highlighter is a must. Although, it may seem reasonable, so skip the highlighter with such a shimmering blush but the shimmer goes away soon! I think I should use a setting spray to lock the shimmer but honestly, I have used drugstore blushes that retain all the shimmer and the color for longer than this and at a quarter of the price!
The blush minus the shimmer, stays for 8-9 hours and then it starts to fade but I dint see it disappearing.

Overall, I love the shade and the texture. Its a great everyday blush for me. The red tones are so gorgeous that I feel like its gonna work for most skin tones. It retails for C$ 32 at Sephora.

Have you tried Outlaw? Please share how you feel about it :)


  1. What a beautiful shade. It's like a lighter and shimmery version of Dolce Vita.

  2. its gorgeous..looks somewhat like Sleek's flushed!