January 7, 2014

The Body Shop Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash and Smoothing Night Cream - Review and photos

I did not articulate my new year resolutions on this blog, but I had been thinking about getting into an anti aging skincare regimen for quite some time. Its probably something I aim to establish this year because I have always cared for my skin and I would want to help myself. Ever since the birth of my second baby, I just feel like my skin doesn't quite feel as firm as it used to be. I mean I am still in my twenties! Why is this even happening to me? But child birth really does wreck havoc on skin. So, for almost a year, I have been using Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream from The Body Shop. And I recently started using Nutriganics Foaming Face Wash, just because I thought stuff from the same ingredient line should work well together. But not all matches are made in heaven. Find out about my experience with the Nutriganics next!

Lets just start with what this line really is all about. It is The Body Shop's only EcoCert certified product range, which means that, it has achieved one of the world's most recognized organic cosmetic certification. The foaming facial wash has at least 98% ingredients from organic origin and the night cream has 99% of ingredients from organic origin. This suggests that it is free from harsh chemicals so its supposedly better for skin. Both of these are made in France.


This 150ml bottle of foaming facial wash promises to soften and smooth skin to prevent the first signs of ageing. A single pump is good enough for your entire face and neck. I have normal-dry skin which gets more dry in winters. I found this to be too drying on my skin. Initially I followed up with a moisturizing toner and then a moisturizer. And guess what too much dryness did to my skin?? BREAKOUTS!!
It started as red bumps and then they grew in to angry looking pimples! Three of them got soo big that no concealer could hide them and all this happened during the holidays!! I actually continued using this facial wash as I blamed oily food, less sleep may be some stress. Then I googled and I found out forehead pimples are due to indigestion, but my stomach was doing fairly good all of this time. So I recollected my thoughts and this facial wash was the only thing I had added in my routine. As a usual response, I decided to stop using it and wash my face with just water every morning and follow up with a toner and my favorite MAC Strobe cream - and  guess what? Acne started to shrink!!

I dont know if getting regular (one week) with Strobe Cream helped me or discontinuing this facial wash. Whatever it is, I found my reasons to toss this one out. It was such a turning point for me because as much as I love my skin, I also do expose it to impulse buying and experiments of this sort... So now I am on a hunt to get rid of those acne marks on my forehead! Suggestions are welcome :)

Oh and btw, this was supposedly anti ageing.. yea may be threw my skin in to my teenage years when I had pimples all the time..

Experience with the face wash was fairly recent, so I talk about it first. I really like this night cream. I have repurchased it several times. This too promises to smooth out and soften skin but I did not find any drastic change in my skin over the year. The best thing about this cream is that it keeps my skin moisturized all night long. Hydration is what I need and it does just that. In a way that is anti ageing, but seriously, no glow or better looking skin in the morning! I actually miss my Japan Silk masks for night time and maybe I will order them right after this review!
I like night creams that take off the stress from my face over night. I have used so many amazing night creams in the past but I sticked to this one, as I wanted to avoid retinols during pregnancy. Moreover, I must mention, that any anti ageing product without retinols, is just a moisturizer! I have learned this through experience, and I am sharing this today, because I do not want you guys to spend a fortune on some average moisturizer that promises anti ageing results.
And yes! This is an average night cream. Its hydrating, it light weight, has a weird scent but won't break you out. Its affordable and easily available. So I had many reasons to keep using this.

Overall, I feel that the foaming facial wash did not work for my dry skin and I will never use it. Nutriganics night cream is definitely something I would recommend to someone looking for a light weight and hydrating night cream, but it does no miracles. Both of these products are anti ageing but they did not help me in making my skin smoother or more radiant.

Hope you found this review helpful. Pls share your thoughts on this :)


  1. Personally I have never really been wowed by any of TBS skincare products. In their range, nothing suits my combo skin at least. x

  2. I love TBS Vitamin C range.Havent tried any other range yet...thanks for sharing these products.

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