January 8, 2014

NEW Tone® Body Wash in Ocean Therapy, Soothing Oatmeal and Shea and Moisturizing Cocoa Butter - Photos and Review

This morning when I took a shower with Tone's new Ocean Therapy body wash, I was seriously blown away by the scent of the sea and it made me nostalgic of the Arabian sea. Oh, how much I miss the beach at Karachi and those beach walks and street food. Although I hated my tanned skin back then, but I really miss those days and also the roaring sun!
Anyways, so the new body washes from Tone are truly a sweet treat to my skin. I love body washes with amazing scents and the second most important thing is that it shouldn't be too drying. Lets find out more about these new body washes next...

Soothing - Oatmeal and Shea Butter
This have such an amazing smell. It reminds me of some perfume. It contains soothing oatmeal and moisturizing shea butter extract for smooth skin. I find this to be a bit drying on my skin. Although its also Vitamin E enriched and shea butter should be moisturizing but it dries my skin.

Moisturizing Cocoa Butter with Mango Splash
This has a refreshing citrus scent in it and I find this formula to be most hydrating for my normal-dry skin. It has cocoa butter paired with papaya and mango extracts for a delectable skin. I love how smooth my skin feels and the citrus scent does not last for long. Just for the record, I always use body butter, no matter which body wash I use.

Ocean Therapy with Deep Sea Extracts and Pearl Essence
Now lets talk about my favorite from the trio. It smells of the sea, its hydrating and it contains sea salt and hydrolyzed pearl. Yes, I checked the ingredient list. I dont know how they can get pearl essence in to this but I really love this one. Mostly because of the scent. It contains moisturizing minerals and it doesn't feel drying at all. Love it!

All three of them are vitamin E enriched and this 532ml bottle retails for $3.98 and are widely available. At such an attractive price point it makes sense to indulge our skin in yummy scents and a hydrating wash :)

Which one is your favorite? Do share with me!


  1. They sound so nice especially since they are moisturising. x

  2. I lovd the one in maroon color in the same series.