January 2, 2014

Infiniti Pro Conair Curl Secret - Review, Photos and a Video

Happy 2014 to everyone.

I decided that the first post of this year should be of the most amazing product I have come across so far! Its the Infiniti Pro Conair Curl Secret and I will not hesitate to call it one of the best products of 2013. It has changed the way I curl my hair and I am completely hooked to it due to its simplicity and ability to create perfect curls every time. No tugging, no tangles. Its just a perfect curl for me. Yea, u guessed it right! This is gonna be a rave review because I have never felt this amazed by any other curling product so far!

The red light blinks when turned on. It becomes steady when Curl Secret is ready for use.  This side should face the head
This side should not face towards the head

3/4 inch tourmaline ceramic chamber that has a brushless motor and a channel to guide hair into the chamber.

Must read the instruction manual before using. It also comes with the Easy- twist chamber cleaner shown above.

Lets face it. I suck at making tutorials and I freak out at the thought of filming my video. But this really forced me to show you, how my hair gets sucked in, rolls itself on the curling rod automatically and when it starts beeping, I open the Curl Secret and gentle release my hair to get a shiny perfect curl.
Pls note that if you pull you hair out without completely opening the Curl Secret, your hair with straighten out and there would be no curl. So don't do that.

The results: Shiny, flawless curls!!
I hope the pics and video above, would help you get an understanding of how it works and what it looks like. So lets talk about whether its worth the hype or am I willing to trade in my favorite curling wand for this?

I am gonna begin with design. It weighs a bit heavier than my curling wand and I definitely needed to get used to the weight. I like how the ceramic chamber is designed. It has a 'channel' to hold hair in the right place. Hair must be combed and neatly placed to avoid pulling or breakage.  Once the hair is placed in the 'channel' and I close the Curl Secret, it sucks hair in automatically, and depending upon the timer setting, it beeps and when the curl is ready it beeps steadily, so I know that I must open the Curl Secret to release the curl. Its really that simple - it sucks hair in and curl comes out.

The exterior does get heated in the process of curling, but never to the extent that would cause burning. I always wore a safety glove when using my curling wand but with this, I do not need to worry about getting my hands burned. It comes with a ton of safety features, like automatic shut off after 60 minutes, its starts cooling if left unused for 20 minutes and it beeps like crazy if you do not put your hair on it, the right way.

Settings for different looks
I always use it on the highest heat setting and I usually go with timer setting of 10 or 12.  It gives me medium to tight curls. I just let the curls cool for some minutes and then I comb my fingers through it to loosen them for soft, romantic look. I do not use any setting hair sprays because the curl already looks shiny and lasts the whole day. For night time, however, I often do use a styling hair spray.

Overall, I feel its totally worth the hype. Its a really safe product to use and almost looks like magic when I am curling. Also, it takes about the same time to curl all my hair. It heats up quickly and cools down quickly too.
Its available at London Drugs for $99.99. I do recommend this to all my friends as it really changed the way I thought about the tedious process of curling hair.
And yes I am willing to trade in my curling wand for this! :)

Hope you found this review helpful. Please let me know if you are a fan too!


  1. I am totally incompetent when it comes to hair curling. I want this thing maybe it will make a difference...Thanks for the helpful review and tutorial .

  2. I have been hearing mixed reviews about it...some bloggers and vloggers find it horrible and showed videos too but on the other hand,it's working good for some people.i think proper practice is required here....
    Lovely review and video keep it up :)