April 6, 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer Review and Swatches

So today is the day, when I finally got all my pictures together to share with you this amazing new launch from Rimmel - Apocalips Lip Lacquer! Ever heard of lip lacquers before? Lip paint, may be? But trust me this just blew me away!! Whether you call it liquid lipstick or lip gloss or both combined, this is one helluva product to own. I absolutely love them and I feel so proud to share my favorites with you guys!

I have two shades with me today, called Nova and Light Year. And just look at those tubes! The packaging is enough to make me own one.. love those jagged edges and a black color code.

It features the new micro reservoir wand that holds some product in it so I can do my lips more evenly without having to dip in the tube over and over again.

Left: Nova - Described as rosy pink
Right: Light Year - Its a chocolate brown shade


I love it!!! This has been a dream come true for me. It appears like a lipstick and lip gloss combined, however, the formula is so light weight, I can forget about any other liquid lipsticks I have come across previously. I rarely do lip gloss, because it feels sticky and wears off quickly. With Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer, I feel I get the best of both worlds. The creamy, moisturizing texture of lipstick with a glossy shine, that is not too over the top and that lasts up to 3 hours on me. It seems to settle down to a  dull finish after 3 hours,  but still doesn't look too faded. Its not sticky at all and also sans glitter.  

The packaging again, is my favorite!! The micro reservoir wand is a winner for me, as it not only helps apply the lip lacquer precisely, it makes sure its evenly done too. I love the rose pink shade called Nova. Although, its described ad rose pink, I would like to add that it has some purple in it too...It looks like a bright fuchsia on my pigmented lips. Its perfect for spring (although there is barely any spring these days! Yea, suddenly its snowing here again :( )

Light Year is a chocolate brown and reminds me of the nineties when everyone wore chocolate brown lips with permed hair. I am definitely not living in the 90s' so this shade is really not for me.

So overall, I really like the formula, the finish, a decent lasting power and of course the packaging!! I am sure you will like it too. A must have, I would say!

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer is available in 10 shades. Do let me know your favorites!!


  1. I bought the red one apocalyptic and one of most gorgeous reds . These lip lacquers are great no doubt . I wanted to pick nova but wasn't sure if it was gonna suit me

  2. It's a lovely product of rimmel, so amazing!

  3. I want to get hold of these. Both the shades are SO pretty, especially NOVA. xx

  4. great review i must say.Love the swatch photo.I will go for light year because i have toooo many pink lippies and glosses now.loved the post.xoxoxo

  5. luv the nova one , beautiful picks , nicely reviewed :)

  6. You have picked out really good shades. Great review! I feel like I must get one now!:) xx

  7. Both the shades are gorgeous! <3

  8. both shades are simply wao... grt stuff

    missing u on my blog

  9. im so loving these, wanna try big bang!1 love your shades xx

  10. Both shades are so pretty! I need to pick up one of theses soon,I have heard great things about these lip lacquers. I have a blog as well and recently posted about my Essie collection.
    A MakeupHabit