April 3, 2013

Sally Hansen's Pumice Foot Polish Review

Hey guys!

I hope you are doing great. Spring is here! And everything looks so much better. So many exciting things happened recently and I have got to share my experiences with ebay!! Yes! I shopped from ebay for the second time for stuff I would never have purchased without holding it in my hands!!! Anyways, today, I am going to review Sally Hansen's Pumice Foot Polish. This is my first time, I used Sally Hansen's pedicure products so I didn't know what to expect. I usually like their manicure stuff that I have come across (nail polishes, polish remover and nail polish strips), so I was excited to try out something for my feet.

So here goes the pics, followed by my experience :)


The texture seems to be thick like any other foot scrub. Its also very creamy and non soapy, which I really like. It doesn't look gritty in pics below but has some tough exfoliating beads that gradually dissolve as I exfoliate.


I usually do scrub my feet, mostly heels and ankles in every shower, using my body scrub and I do not have cracked heels or dry ankles. In fact, my feet generally stay quite hydrated since, they are mostly wrapped in socks :P
So, when I came across this foot polish, I realized that sometimes, I need to give my feet that TLC they deserve. So I followed the instructions on Sally Hansen Pumice Foot Polish and soaked my feet in warm water and then gently exfoliated my feet. The results were great and actually reminded me of the pedicure I get from spa. The skin on my feet looked shinier, felt softer and it definitely looked so much better than their usual self.  I exfoliated my toes, heels and ankles and I could feel a difference. 

This foot polish is nourished with tea tree oil and lavender so it also deodorizes feet. I love the smell of lavender because it really soothes me and I know so many people who only go to the spa for this calming fragrance..  

So overall, I am really enjoying Sally Hansen Pumice Foot Polish and if you love your feet, you better get your hands on it  :)

Hope you enjoyed this review and let me know if you are using this and how you like it 


  1. nice product & review R'k :)will try to get my hands on !

  2. I love lavender too:) great review!

  3. wow a foot polish.I only have a face polish lolz.This sounds great.Here...ummm.its on my wishlist.

  4. I'm a huge fan of Sally Hanson have been using there products for years now. I have used there foot scrub and must say no one can beat that scrub.you have a nice blog :) I'm your new follower hope you ll follow back.