April 7, 2013

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost - Review

Hey guys!

Hope you are having a great Sunday! I thought about sharing this Vitamin C Skin Boost by The Body Shop (TBS) today, because, I felt its been ages since I shared something like this on my blog. We girls, are always looking for something that is multi-functional and this Vitamin C Skin Boost is an absolutely fantastic mix of skincare and makeup. I would say its great for achieving a clear complexion while acting as a makeup primer.
Let start with pics and move on to my experience with it for the past six months or more...

It is clear and you can feel the silicon in it. I don't like that feeling but it works in smoothing skin!


I bought this when I was looking for a makeup primer and just came across this on one of the blogs. Its described as a radiance boosting, skin smoothing, Vitamin C boost that improves the appearance of dull skin resulting in a healthy glow. Its a best seller on TBS website and now I know why.

This really does help smoothing out skin. It does make it appear more 'finished' and works fantastically well as a makeup primer. I realized that even if I layer this on over my moisturizer and pat on compact powder, my skin would look so even toned and smooth. It really helped me through those dry winter days. And it also makes my makeup lasts, just like any other primer. The best part is that it costs much less than any other primer and works just as good. It retails for $26 but you can always pick this when its on a half-off  deal and The Body Shop is always on some deal, so no worries.

I have gotten so used it, I don't think I would ever stop using it. It has also help me maintain a clearer complexion. May be, it works even better with TBS Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser for night time.

It seems to be a small 30ml bottle but I need very less for my entire face and neck. The silky, rubbery feeling may be a turn off but the benefits definitely out weigh it. It has a weird citrus+silicon type of smell, that I don't like, but its not too annoying.

Anyways, I like it! And I would recommend it to any one looking for a makeup primer+skin boost. It may not be a must have but definitely worth trying out.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Please share if you have used it and how you find it..


  1. Wow sounds amazing !!! thanks for sharing xx

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