February 2, 2013

Rimmel BB Cream Review

Finally, Rimmel has its BB cream up on the shelves and just like every other new Rimmel product I have tried, this too has left me with mixed feelings  - more positive ones, than negative. Its actually called, Rimmel BB Cream 9 in 1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup with SPF 25 - pretty long name for a self proclaimed super hero. I have it in the shade called Light. Its available in two shades: Light and Medium/Dark
This BB cream offers 9 UN-BB-Lievable benefits, which is the far more than any other BB cream I have known. It promises to prime, moisturize, minimize pores and protect skin and also offers five makeup benefits: covers, conceals, smooths, mattifies and brightens. So yes, logically speaking, they prove its a BB cream, combining the benefits of makeup and skincare. But does it really work? Lets find out...

One of the things I really like about it, is the mattifying effect it has on my skin. It isn't really oil-free but settles really well on skin, which could be because this also contains primer. Just like the new Rimmel 25 hr foundation, this BB cream offers long wear, without showing any signs of flakiness on skin. I love the formula for being SPF 25 which means it can work well under the sun. I did take a couple of pictures in flash and I can safely say, it wont give a white cast in photos.

Also, since the coverage is very sheer, I feel that even if you layer up, it just get absorbed in skin leaving you looking for your concealer. So, this may be a great option for younger girls who want just want a fresh looking skin without having the need to cover any spots or dark circles. I would say this BB cream is more like a tinted moisturizer that will keep skin hydrated, keeps it looking smooth and mattified. It does minimize the appearance of pores - thanks to the primer included in the formula- and also leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

I honestly like this product because its moisturizing, mattifies, and the sheer coverage some how works for me. Even though the shade is lighter and cooler for my rather warm complexion, I can still safely use it because the cool toned shade does not show up much on me...or may be it just settles in to my skin tone reflecting a smoother looking complexion. Sometimes, I mix this with my Garnier BB cream to get the ultimate shade for my skin tone along with the benefits of Rimmel BB cream.

In the swatch below, you can see that this shade is cooler than my skin tone. I somehow feel that a lighter shade can be balanced with a bronzer or mixed with a darker foundation shade to get a custom shade for my skin.
However, if i plan to buy the darker shade, its very difficult to make it appear close to my real complexion. I know, a lot of medium skin tone people have this problem because you can't go too light or too dark on your skin. Its always best to mix two shades.

I dont know why I am doing this, but Rimmel's BB cream is literally half the size of Garnier BB cream. Its just 30ml of product compare at 75ml  of Garnier's BB cream. The price of both is almost the same. I got Garnier's for around $12 from Walmart and it retails at up to $16 at other stores, where as, Rimmel's BB cream is for $11 (approx) which is much higher considering the amount of product I get.

Overall, I would say, Rimmel BB cream is a good option for those looking for long lasting hydration and a single step to hydrated, smoother looking skin. It is fantastic for school/college going girls who would not need to cover or conceal much and the added SPF 25 can protect from sun damage. At $11 (approx.) for 30mls of products, it may seem to be more expensive than other BB creams, but it does offer a little more like, priming, smoothing and mattfying the skin that can make it a winner when its decision time.

Hope you like this review and please share if you have used it for yourself


  1. It seems like a promising product, but I am afraid.. sheer coverage doesn't work for me. :(
    Thanks for the nice, detailed review. :)

  2. i am so happy to read very good words about this... but as my skin is very oily in summer so what are you opinion?

    1. Well, if u experience hot and humid summers than I wont really say yes to it.. The rest u can try out urself.

      Hope that helps :)

  3. Im so tempted by these BB Creams but I wont dare to buy it cause of my oily skin <3 Good to have you back Ruqaiya <3 Missed reading your posts xoxo

  4. sounds nice! but i need some coverage unfortunately so i'd skip the BB creams! great post Ruqaiya! x

  5. not tried yet, m not much into bb creams

  6. I think for a BB cream, the coverage it offers is really nice. You're right, the shade isn't a match but somehow it adjusts to your skin tone if you don't apply too much. Great review :)